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Early Bird Breakfast Club

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 5 September 2013 | 15:08

It was a fine Sunday morning and we were up early for thanksgiving. The little girl wanted taho and Jollibee for breakfast but the hubby wanted to go somewhere nice and quiet for that relaxing breakfast effect. I used my Looloo app to scan the area and Early Bird popped out! Then there was the Looloo special too. So you know, it was the perfect spot.

When we got there, the staff were friendly and perky. We were ushered towards the 2nd floor. The place was lovely! Ambiance was nice but got a little noisy as the morning got old. We checked their menu, redeemed the iced tea from the Looloo special and ate the morning away!

Viva Longganisa for 345php
Viva Longganisa -  4 pieces of longganisa made from their very own passed down recipe served with fried garlice rice and one egg. It also came with their signature veggie mix, most of it was tomatoes and green bell pepper. The longganisa were OKAY. Not the best. But they were firm and packed and tasty. Leaning towards the sweet side, you can also taste the welcome saltiness.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich for 345php
The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Holly molly! This was filling! Four slices of thick toasted bread filled with an assortment of melted cheese (cheddar, mozzarella & gruyere) with some sweet onion relish. It was sooooo good! The onion relish gave a contrast to the gooey cheese. It was served with some veggie salad and some more of the relish. The relish, when eaten alone, was somewhat odd. It was sweet and spicy at the same time and it's better tucked in with the cheeses.

Bacon and Egg Nest for 195php
Enjoying her breakfast!
Bacon and Egg Nest - The little girl wanted some bacon and egg and bread! Perfect! Two thick strips of bacon hugging a bread cup, filled with one egg, topped with cheese and then baked. It really looked like a nest! It was plated so beautifully, with the main thing sitting on top of a salad bed. I didn't get the chance to taste this properly since the little girl was so possessive of her "meal" that I only got to taste the left over. The bread was soft and the bacon was tasty. I bet it was good because the Cherienne almost finished the serving!

Nutella Hot Choco for 145php
Hubby also ordered for their Nutella Hot Choco. This was good! Warm and frothy with a rich-Nutellalicious chocolate goodness. 

Signature Lemon and Mint iced Tea for 125php
The iced tea that came with the Looloo special was meh. Lemon iced tea with mint, it tasted more like toothpaste.

Early Bird Breakfast Club, BGC
Service was very good too. They hand out papers for children to color together with crayons and colored pens. Servers were always in the look out for customers' needs and requests. 

Overall, I liked our experience but I guess there are better All Day Breakfast restaurants out there to match. Maybe it's just not one of those places that I would want to visit again and again.

--- Early Bird Breakfast Club : G/F Fort Pointe Bldg., 28th St., BGC, Taguig City

***official website: http://earlybirdbreakfastclub.com/

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