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Japanese cuisine has been well accepted and loved by Filipinos. Almost anywhere you go, you'll see a Japanese restaurant. Katsu, donburi, sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi, yakiniku, ramen, okonomiyaki, yakitori, etc etc. Name it, we have it somewhere in the Metro!

Tori Ichi Yokitori and Bar
Tori Ichi - BGC Branch

There aren't a lot of Yakitori places that I know in the Metro, more so in BGC. It's not really my kind of Japanese food. I only know one in SM Aura & another in BGC Central. That's why it came as a surprise when I learned that there is one in Net Quad! Thanks to looloo, I was introduced to Tori Ichi!

It was a busy Friday night and off to Tori Ichi I went for a sponsored dinner. Tori Ichi x looloo x foodfanaticph!

Tori Ichi Yokitori and Bar
A look inside Tori Ichi in BGC! This is their first ever store.

Tori Ichi is a local brand but the concept originated in Kyoto Japan. The menu, the look of their restaurants and even the head chefs were from this place. Located just across Kuppa, the restaurant is not too easy to spot because of all the constructions going on. 

Tori Ichi BGC
Looking down the main dining area from the private room.

When you get inside, you'll be transported to a peaceful place that looks like it was taken out of Japan. High ceiling, well-lit, Japanese lanterns, open kitchen, wooden floor and furnishings, bamboo accents and booths. 

Private rooms for functions.

There's also a mezzanine area with sliding door partitions that's perfect for small groups wanting more privacy.

Tori Ichi Yokitori and Bar
Their Yokitori Sets that will let you sample an assortment of their Yakitori!

We tried their Meijin Yakitori Set that has 20 different pieces of skewers.

Yakitori Set from Tori Ichi BGC

Tsukune - Chicken Meatballs , Kimo - Chicken Liver , Uzura Tamago w/ Bacon - Quail Eggs wrapped in Bacon, Hasami - Chicken & Scallion and Corn

Yakitori Sets from Tori Ichi Yokitori and Bar

Asparagus Bacon, Sunazuri - Chicken Gizzard, Yakiniku - Seasoned Rib-eye , Butabara - Pork Belly and Tebasaki - Chicken Wings 

Yakitori Sets from Tori Ichi BGC
Tomodachi Set with 10 Sticks for 550Php

Top Set: Enoki Bacon, Nankotsu - Chicken Cartilage, Mochi Bacon, Kokoro - Chicken Heart  and Uzura Tamago 

Bottom Set: Shitake, Sasami Negiroshi, Momomi Wasabi - Chicken Thigh, Tail - Chicken Tail and Kawa - Chicken Skin

Tori Ichi BGC
I liked 3 out of 5 from this set! Mochi Bacon is middle stick.

I liked the Mochi Wrapped in Bacon because it's different and it's a good different. I'll replicate this at home with Tikoy ahahhaha

Yakitori Set from Tori Ichi BGC
Yakiniku is the one in the middle! Chicken Wings - Butabara - Yakiniku - Chicken Gizzard - Asparagus Bacon!

I also liked the Yakiniku with the tender and flavorful chunks of Rib-eye. Butabara can be improved by maybe adding a bit more fat in between the meat. It was too lean.

Yakitori Sets from Tori Ichi BGC
Look at that bacon!

Asparagus Bacon and Enoki Bacon were good too but IMO, needs more sauce.

Yakitori Set from Tori Ichi BGC
Four Chicken Sticks and a Mushroom!

Four sticks from this set are all chicken parts. Sasami Negiroshi - Chicken Tenderloin, Momomi Wasabi - Chicken Thigh, Tail - Chicken Tail and Kawa - Chicken Skin. I liked the Momomi the most as well as the tail. So juicy and tasty!

Yakitori Set from Tori Ichi BGC
Corn x Chiken x Quail Egg x Chicken Liver x Chicken Meat Balls

Chicken and Scallion was good but what stood out from this set was the Corn! 

Yakitori Sets from Tori Ichi BGC
Meijin Set has 2x more than the Tomadachi Set - 20 Sticks for 950Php

According to the Marketing Head of Tori Ichi, they pride themselves in using Binchotan - a kind of charcoal made of oakwood. They import theirs from Japan. Binchotan has a distinct smoky flavor that's not burnt and it's not sooty as well. You can definitely tell the difference when you try their skewers.

Aside from the Yakitori, we also tried the following:

Spicy Tuna Roll from Tori Ichi BGC
Spicy Deep-Fried Tuna Roll for 140Php

This was not spicy at all. This was okay considering the price of 140Php for 6 rolls. Maybe they could add more tuna and increase the price a bit?

Shake Kawa Maki from Tori Ichi BGC
Shake Kawa Maki for 180Php

Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi Roll needed more crunch for it to live up to it's name. Nonetheless, the bits of salmon skin with cucumber were tasty.

Ebi Tempura Donburi from Tori Ichi BGC
Ebi Tempuura Donburi - new in their menu

Ebi Tempura Donburi was okay. It was bland, needing more sauce.

Shimisaba or vinegar-pickled mackerel from Tori Ichi BGC
Shimisaba or Vinegar-Pickled Mackerel 

Makerel Sahimi was good! There was no fishy smell and taste - very clean too!

Hokkigai Sashimi from Tori Ichi BGC
Hokkigai Sashimi

Surf Clams Sashimi came in next and they were gorgeous! Beautiful red color! I haven't tried this so I was pretty amused. It didn't have any flavor that strongly stood out. 

Hokkigai Sashimi from Tori Ichi BGC
Closer look at the Surf Clams!

It was more like squid in texture but more chewy. I enjoyed this best with the soy sauce and wasabi.

Matcha Ice Cream from Tori Ichi BGC
Matcha Ice Cream with Red Beans for 80Php

Matcha and Red Bean Ice Cream for dessert was good. The Matcha ice cream leaned towards the "lasang parayer meeting" side but not too much. Mix it up with the red beans for a more enjoyable cold treat.

Nigori Sake from Tori Ichi BGC
Nigori Sake

They also had us try this type of Sake. It was the unrefined type of Sake, from the first washing of Japanese rice. Lower alcohol content, milder, was milkier too compared to the usual Sake. I liked this!

Overall, I would say that their skewers need a little something more to make them standout. Maybe offering some side sauces for those who prefer more pronounce flavors. Wondering how the other dishes in their menu would play out though.

Sushi Rolls!

Rating this 3.5 but rounding up to a generous 4 because the service was good, the place and ambiance = great and the members of their marketing team really valued our suggestions. Passionate with what they do, I know that they will do some improvements soon!

4 out of 5 Stars for Tori Ichi!

--- Tori Ichi Yokitori and Bar: G/F Net Quad Bldg., 31st St. cor. 4th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

***you can also find them here:

--- G/F North Parking, SM Mall of Asia, JW Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
--- Ground Floor, Water Garden, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
--- Second Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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