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I've been seeing Grind Bistro in Net Park BGC but never really had the chance to visit. I would see their space packed during dinner time but barely full during lunch. We've had the chance to visit their other branch in SM Aura but I was not totally pleased with the overall experience. Good thing I believe in second chances! 

Grind Bistro for lunch on a rainy weekday. Thanks to this sponsored event, I got the chance to give them another shot! Grind Bistro x Zomato x foodfanaticph = yay!

Big space x high ceiling - the place can accommodate a party! Shying away from the typical casual interiors and overall laid-back ambiance of burger joints, Grind Bistro has this elegance characterized by dim lights, a play of wood and white walls and tall glass walls allowing natural light to shine through. 

Grind Burger from Grind Bistro Net Park
Grind Burger for 395Php

Husband and wife Steven and Cristina Carl are the brains behind this concept. Their love for good food prompted them to bring Grind Bistro into the local food scene. Believing in the potential of local ingredients with big hearts towards local farmers and suppliers, you'll be amazed how they take fresh ingredients seriously. Burger buns and burger patties? All made from scratch! Pasta and even bacon? Yep, made in-house too! Not only that. Even their ice cream is freshly churned, in house, in small batches! 

Complimentary Bread from Grind Bistro
An assortment of bread with ALMOND BUTTER! 

Their menu is constantly being updated, depending on what sells fast and not. They review and come up with new dishes every now and then. During our visit, we had the chance to try the following:

Tomato Bisque from Grind Bistro
Tomato Bisque for 220Php

Soup: Tomato Bisque

A hearty soup fit for a rainy afternoon. The soup was thick and rich, topped with creme fraiche and pesto. Just the right acidity from the tomatoes with the right ratio of cream. Perfect with a warm grilled cheese sandwich, which you can order separately.

Starters: Poke Nachos and Grind Chip and Dip

Poke Nachos from Grind Bistro
Poke Nachos for 495Php

When I hear nachos, I am instantly transported to bars serving huge bowls of the usual nacho chips with a good heaping of mayo, cheese sauce and salsa. Grind redefines Nachos not only by serving Poke with it but also by using local chips - taro and sweet potato. Sliced thin and ultra crisp, I would say that this bowl can use a little less of the chips to highlight the Poke which was undeniably good! Chunks of Ahi Tuna, pico de gallo, orange and wasabi tobiko (or fish roe), chili and sesame all tied together by local chevre or goat cheese. The distinct, bold and earthy flavor of goat cheese is something I fancy so this starter was a hit for me!

Grind Chip and Dip from Grind Bistro
Grind Chip and Dip for 295Php

A crowd favorite, I would say that you should not skip this when in Grind Bistro. Jalapeno spiced warm cheese dip in a skillet mixed with some ground beef and served with homemade crisps, you'll get hooked with the cheese dip! Savory and tasty, you can in fact bathe anything with this!

Onto the mains, we had some Mac and Cheese, their best selling chicken dish and steak!

Truffle Mac and Cheese from Grind Bistro
Truffle Mac and Cheese for 350Php

The ultimate crowd favorite, everybody asked for seconds! This was unbelievably good! Served warm in a skillet with a medley of melted cheese, truffle paste and chunks of home made bacon. Believe me when I say that THIS IS ONE DELICIOUS Mac and Cheese! The truffle kick wasn't too strong, the pasta was cooked right and the medley of cheeses was heavenly! Definitely one of the best in the Metro!

Nutty Black Chicken from Grind Bistro
Nutty Black Chicken for 595Php

I didn't expect much from this dish because it looked so dry. But it's true when they say that looks can be deceiving because this dish was good! The black tempura coated chicken was tender and flavorful, with a good balance of salt and garlic. You don't even need the slaw and the thick sauce it was served with.

Grilled Hanger Steak from Grind Bistro
Grilled Hanger Steak for 795Php

No frills, straight forward steak served with French fries and asparagus fries, this was done medium. Tasty and juicy, I wouldn't really say that this was WOW but it was good. 

A visit in Grind Bistro will never be complete without trying their BURGER!!! Now, I  swear by their Grind Burger, which I've tried in SM Aura, because it was good. A little pricey IMO though but I guess the quality ingredients make up for the price.

Double Double from Grind Bistro

Double Double for 595Php

Double the patty x double the cheese, throw in some bacon, crisp lettuce, onions and fresh tomato slices - this will surely keep you SUPER full and BELLY satisfied! The burger patty was juicy, full of flavors with just the right saltiness. They used brioche for the bun that's fresh out of their oven too. Clean and simple with a touch of their secret sauce - this burger is one for the books!

The Best Waffle You've Ever Eaten from Grind Bistro
The Best Waffle You've Ever Eaten for 295Php

If you think that it all ends there, then you're mistaken. Their "The Best Waffle You've Ever Eaten" was served right before we had dessert. 

IMO, this should have been priced a little lower. It was good - light and a fluffy kind of waffle, simple with powdered sugar, whipped cream and maple syrup. It was something that I would absolutely order again if it came with a scoop of ice cream for the same price. Also wished that it was a little crisp on the outside.

Halo-Halo Shake from Grind Bistro
Halo-Halo Shake for 450Php

For dessert, we tried their Halo-Halo Shake. A little on the pricey side for halo-halo but the ingredients would justify. Ube and Langka ice cream made into a shake, throw in some nata de coco, candied saba, top with delicious cubes of Leche Flan and Ube Halaya and finish off with a scoop of Dule de Leche ice cream. 

Halo-halo Shake from Grind Bistro
A closer look at all the toppings!

Gosh, this was good! The Dulce de Leche ice cream in itself was amazing! Smooth and ultra creamy, it was like velvet in your mouth!

For drinks, we tried the following:

Lemonade with Raspberry from Grind Bistro
Lemonade with Raspberry for 100Php

One refreshing drink, you can expect that this is freshly squeezed lemonade with muddled raspberries. You can also opt for mint or strawberry.

Malted Vanilla Shake from Grind Bistro
Malted Vanilla Shake for 225Php

They make bad ass ice cream here so you can expect that their milkshakes are knockout good too! Take for example their Malted Vanilla Milkshake topped with whipped cream and vanilla bean paste. It was thick and rich, with a nice vanilla flavor and a side note of malt. Worth the calories!

Naughty Eggs Benedict from Grind Bistro
Naughty Eggs Benedict for 395Php

They also had us take pictures of their Naughty Eggs Ben but we were not able to try. I've added this to my list, with the Truffle Mac and Cheese (wink), when I go back!

Malted Vanilla Shake from Grind Bistro
More Malted Vanilla Milkshakes!

Overall, it was a pleasant lunch! TBH, I didn't expect much form Grind Bistro so I'm more than happy to report that they are worth going back to. Burger x Mac and Cheese x Cheese Dip and of course, MILKSHAKES!

4 out of 5 Stars for Grind Bistro!

--- Grind Bistro: Ground Floor, Netpark Building, Fifth Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

*** you can also find them here: 

--- Grind Bistro + Cafe: Third Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Corner 26th Street, BGC, Taguig City

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