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Unlimited promos are the best especially if you like the food or drink being offered. Unlimited chicken, unlimited steak, unlimited rice, unlimited cheese, unlimited crabs, etc. Then there's unlimited for drinks too - unlimited coffee, unlimited wine, cocktails, unlimited beer, etc etc. Filipinos love anything and everything unlimited that's why buffets are big hits in our local food scene!

Then there's En Tirage...

En Tirage House of Unlimited
A look inside En Tirage in Mandala Park

En Tirage is a French word that's pronounced as en-ti-haj. It "describes the first bottling step which turns a new wine into champagne or sparkling wine". In our local food scene, En Tirage is a restaurant that's tucked away from the busy Metro. Located in a quiet spot in Mandala Park, En Tirage has this welcoming atmosphere. The place is not too huge and not extravagant at all. Mostly made up of unfinished walls, channeling a modern-industrial theme, the wooden accents and hanging shelves add to the character of this place. 

Paella from En Tirage Mandala Park
Paella and Wine - a great combo!

En Tirage offers Spanish-Filipino food. Expect to see paella, pizza, pasta, ribs, all day Pinoy breakfast and a Create Your Own Deli Platter section. Their bar menu has a lot in it too - beer, hard liquor, wine, cocktails. 

En Tirage House of Unlimited
Daily UNLIMITED offerings!

But what really stands out from this place is their Unlimited Daily Offering. Each day, they have something different. Wine, beer or whisky? You can also have all three! 

Sampled some of their best-sellers recently during a sponsored lunch: En Tirage x Zomato x foodfanaticph!

Started our En Tirage feast with some appetizers: Mozzarella Balls, Chicken Wings, Tofu Steak

Mozzarella Balls En Tirage
Mozzarella Balls for 195Php

You might think that there's usually nothing special about mozzarella balls because they're too common. But think again. En Tirage's version has a good and well seasoned breading with a nice crunch and a Marinara sauce that was delish! Everyone enjoyed this appetizer!

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings from En Tirage House of Unlimited
Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings for 285Php

This is another usual appetizer that En Tirage was able to re-invent. They coated their deep-fried chicken wings with lemon pepper powder. The zest was a welcome change and a refreshing one as well.

Tofu Steak and Pork Belly from En Tirage
Tofu Steak and Pork Belly for 260Php

If you love tofu steak, which I usually order in Japanese restaurants, you'll definitely love this version! Silky tofu that were soft yet firm enough to stay intact, breaded and deep fried, served with mushroom sauce and a good portion of pork belly. The sauce was sweet and salty, bursting with mushroom flavor! It was a crowd fave!

For mains, we had the following:

Paella Valenciana from En Tirage Mandala Park
Paella Valenciana for 655Php

Tomato based with short grain rice cooked in saffron seafood stock, this looked like there was a lot of seafood in it because it was beautifully garnished but in reality, there wasn't much. You'll be surprised to find yourself searching for chicken chunks or even seafood pieces from the pile of rice! Good but not rave worthy.

Paella Negra from En Tirage Mandala Park
Paella Negra for 670Php

I am a fan of squid ink anything so it was natural for me to like this more than the Valenciana. Rice was cooked in meat broth, mixed with squid ink, topped with pork and seafood. I have suggested to the owners to try to incorporate little chunks of meat into the rice so that customers will not feel that there wasn't enough protein. This was good though.

We also sampled two of their best selling pizzas - Margherita and Pepperoni. 

Margherita and Feta Pizza from En Tirage Mandala Park
Margherita and Feta Pizza for 450Php

Such a simple pizza with no meat at all. Tomato based sauce, topped with feta cheese, basil (in the form of pesto dollops) and mozzarella. Clean and well balanced flavors, simple but delicious!

Pepperoni Pizza from En Tirage House of Unlimited
Pepperoni Pizza for 530Php

Marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese! Another simple pizza that was good. Sometimes simple is better and that's the case here. I just wish though that their pizza dough is better.

Truffle Mushroom Pasta from En Tirage Mandala Park
Truffle Mushroom Pasta for 345Php

We also tried one of their pasta dishes - Truffle Mushroom. If there was one dish that I loved the most during this event, it is this pasta. The fettuccine was al dente, the cream sauce was thick with just the right saltiness, good mushroom flavor and a good kick of truffle. It's one of those white sauce pasta where there's no need for meat - like bacon or ham.

appetizers from En Tirage House of Unlimited
Appetizers from En Tirage

What a filling lunch it was! The owners were so generous to also let us have a couple of glasses of wine. I do not fancy red wine so I opted for a sweet white wine and fortunately, they have my favorite Moscato! Definitely coming back to avail their unli wine and try their "Create Your Own Deli Platter."

4 out of 5 Stars for En Tirage!

--- En Tirage: Mandala Park, 312 Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

En Tirage Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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