Poison Doughnuts - Highly Addictive Treats!

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I have been wanting to visit Poison Doughnuts, one of the many new concepts of Tasteless Food Group. Why? Because it's a shy away from the usual donuts that we know that are too commercial, but not discounting the fact that they're good too! 

Addictive doughnuts
Welcome to Poison Doughnuts

I would always fall trap of Krispy Kreme's sweet sugary treats and JCo's out of the usual flavors but there is something so appealing with artisanal donuts made in literally small batches. Add in the fact that Chef Miko is known for making deadly desserts, cookies and all sorts of pastries, Poison Doughnuts IS A MUST for a sweet tooth foodie like me.

So, when the gang decided to meet and eat dinner at Bon Pho, our foodie radar went on hyperdrive and thought of all the possible stops before dinner! Posion Doughnuts x Panaderya are the most sensible stops since they're both located inside The Alley in Karrivin Plazza - where Toyo Eatery is located and were Writer's Block used to be.

Poison Coffee and Doughnuts x foodfanaticph on a weekday afternoon - YEHES!

Poison Doughnuts is easy to miss because it's the last store towards the end of the alley. If you do not know that they are there or if you don't frequent the place, you wouldn't even know that a doughnut place exists in that area. But no sweat, the walk down the alley was worth it!

Addictive doughnuts
Inside the Poison Doughnuts HQ, designed by Hydra

Dim lights x industrial modern design, Hydra Design Group did a GREAT JOB here! I loved the "Bad Guys HQ" feel where everything was kept simple but tasteful.

They have a total of 7 flavors as of now - Garam Masala, Glazed Vanilla, Boston Cream, Salted Dark Chocolate, Egg Custard Brulee, Blueberry Glazed and Blueberry Lemon with new flavors coming really soon. 

The pricing was relatively simple: Doughnuts with Hole at 50Php and those filled at 70Php. We tried 4 out of 7 which could have been 5 but they were out of Boston Cream when we went.

Addictive doughnuts
Blueberry Lemon for 70Php

I came way too early from our agreed meeting time because I'm one traffic scared lad. When I went in, I spotted the Salted Dark Choco right away. I decided to save the best for last so I tried the Blueberry Lemon instead and order again later.

The doughnut was filled with lemon and blueberry, coated with blueberry glaze. I don't know if it's just me but the doughnut looked like an alien from MIB LOL.

Addictive doughnuts
A closer look at all the Blueberry x Lemon filling goodness!

The mix of tangy and sweet was just right, and each bite was an explosion of flavors. I also noticed that the doughnut wasn't as sweet plus the dough was super good! Soft yet intact, it didn't have any dry or airy parts.

Addictive doughnuts
Blueberry Glaze x Salted Dark Chocolate - 50Php each

When Reich T. came in, she tried the Blueberry Glaze - which had a clean and not too sweet blueberry flavor.

Addictive doughnuts
Salted Dark Chocolate Doughnut for 50Php

I didn't hold back this time and ordered my second - SALTED DARK CHOCOLATE! If you love chocolate, one look at this doughnut will tell you that you should get it. The dark chocolate covering the bread was so gorgeous you will not be able to resist. One bite and d*mn it! LOL IT"S THE BEST CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT I HAVE TASTED SO FAR! 

Addictive doughnuts
A closer look at that shiny dark chocolate glaze!

I do not even like dark chocolate that much, take note, but this one had a good balance of dark and milk so it was perfect! The glaze was "premium cake" chocolate glaze type - not too sweet but definitely thick, with a dough that was soft but held the chocolate well without being soggy - this is a win at 50 bucks!

Abe C. tried their Egg Custard Brulee which didn't look as enticing but when torched, the brûlée effect came out with the egg custard filling oozing out of the doughnut. Again, thumbs up with how good the bread was plus the custard wasn't too sweet.

Iced Mocha for 160Php

In partnership with Yardstick, they offer coffee too. I tried their Iced Mocha and it wasn't surprising that it was good.

DEFINITELY going back here to try the other flavors especially the Garam Masala.

AWESOME JOB Poison Doughnuts!

5 out of 5 Stars for Poison Doughnuts!

--- Poison Dougnuts: Karrivin Plaza, 2316, Chino Roces Ave, Makati City

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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