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Icings - Bakery & Cafe

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 22 September 2015 | 10:09

Went searching for a cafe yesterday while waiting for hubby in Market! Market! I wanted some refreshment and a nice place to sit down and get some things done. I tried to shy away from the usual - Seattle's Best, Coffee Bean & Starbucks to discover something else. 

I found Icings. 

Icings Market! Market!

The place looked cozy. Glass walls rendering a blast of natural light, happy color of teal played with white and couches to boot. They offered a lot! From all day breakfast meals to pasta & pizza, sandwiches, soup and entrees. Then they have a selection of coffee blends, both hot and cold, an assortment of fruit and other cream based coolers. They also have pastries and cakes for dessert.

Lots of natural light!

Bar Counter plus some view from my seat

Teal x White x Framed Food Pics

I got their Icy Minty Mocha since it was such a hot afternoon. I paired it up with their Choco Muffin. For a total of 215Php, I would say I should have went elsewhere. Totally disappointed.

Let me explain...

Icy Minty Mocha for 150Php

The ice blended Mocha was the most watered down mocha I have ever had in my life! It didn't have a hint of coffee in it nor chocolate. Yes it was minty but that's it! It was like drinking cold water with a teaspoon of chocolate powder and a dash of coffee. I could have grabbed some iced coffee from McDo and would have been happier. Totally not worth it.

Chocolate Muffin for 45Php

Just look at that! Hah!

Then their Chocolate Muffin. Not sure if they know what CHOCOLATE means LOL. This muffin could use more chocolate. Sure there were about 2-3 chunks of chocolate in it but that's not the right way to go. It was also dry. Guess the price of 45php was a giveaway.

Though the service was good and the place was nice, that didn't really make up for the bad coffee and muffin experience. Not sure If I will give their main dishes a try. It was such a let down. By the way, if you are eyeing this place when you want some work done with your laptop and phone - don't dare! They don't have charging ports.

2 out of 5 Stars for Icings!


***Icings -  G/F Market! Market! - New Wing, Carlos P Garcia Ave., BGC, Taguig City

--- you can also find them here:

*** 101 Scout Lazcano St., Laging Handa, Quezon City
*** SM Supercenter Pasig, Frontera Dr., Ugong, Pasig

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