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Caramel Miso - Another Unique Flavor from BONO

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 24 September 2015 | 08:35

Finally tried this new offering from Bono - Caramel Miso. Been hearing about it a lot and I was quite intrigued how the Japanese paste Miso, which is used for the Japanese staple soup Miso Soup, would turn out when made into a gelato. So, when I got the chance, I got myself a scoop.

Caramel Miso Gelato BONO
Caramel Miso Single Scoop for 150Php

Velvety and smooth gelato that combines Miso paste and caramel, that's Caramel Miso for you. This flavor will give your taste buds a roller coaster of flavors - sweet and salty, umami filled ride! It was also drizzled generously with Caramel Miso sauce that was thick and rich.

Caramel Miso BONO
BONO - The Real Scoop

Calling all salted caramel fans out there! This has taken our favorite flavor a notch higher! Definitely worth the trip to SM Aura.


P.S. You can also opt for this flavor Affogato style for 200Php.

5 out of 5 Stars for BONO!

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