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Online Finds Diary: Pavlova - I Kinda Love Yah!

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 2 September 2015 | 09:24

I've been seeing Pavlova in my FB feed from friends who are somewhere in Europe, never paid much attention where they were but I was quite intrigued about what this Pavlova was all about. I have also seen this dessert several times from cooking shows and even from magazines. Until these past couple of months, my IG feed has been flooded by pictures of Pavlovas from pavlova_mnl. Each one was a tease - a bowl like hallow structure filled with cream and the freshest fruits! From the first time I saw their Strawberry Pavlova, I wasn't able to take it off my mind. Then their Mango & Kiwi version. Oh goodness!

My first real life encounter with a pavlova!

During my daughter's 1st birthday, I had the perfect chance to order. If pick-up wasn't so far away from our Paranaque home, I would have ordered one right away without the need to convince the husband to travel all the way to Tomas Morato. But for that special occasion, the husband agreed to take the field trip.

Pavlova_Mnl doesn't have a physical store. They operate online, via Instagram. Basically it's as easy as --

1) Send a Viber/Text message to the owner for your order/s at least 2 days in advance
- you can choose from Strawberry (1250Php) or Mango & Kiwi (850Php) Pavlova
- you can also opt for smaller ones, 1 dozen per order, same price as above

2) Fill-up the order form with your particulars, including pick-up date and time

3) Wait for the confirmation

4) Pick it up in Tomas Morato - payment is COD

Mango & Kiwi Pavlova!

When we got to the pick-up location, we needed to wait a while. I read somewhere that the pavlova will only be dressed up with cream and fresh fruits upon pick-up. No big deal because the wait was totally worth it! Once we got the box, the smell of sweet, freshly baked goodness filled our car. Of course I wasn't able to wait! I opened the box right away and took a picture. The baker also advised us to put it flat on the floor to avoid too much crumbling while in transit.

Gorgeous as a birthday cake!

The pavlova looked so delicate. The magical bowl of very thin meringue was crisp and was filled with cream and fresh fruits to the rim. It was just so gorgeous. As soon as we got home, I took it out of the box, sliding it out though the side. The thin wall crumbled but it was still a beautiful sight. 

Light and fluffy meringue!

Oh this pavlova! The thin shell was so delicate and crumbly but once you take a slice, the very soft and fluffy ensemble of meringue (just like that from a Brazo de Mercedes) will unfold. It was a really sweet dessert but there was something so addicting about it. Maybe it's the way that the meringue melted in my mouth and the way it meddled with the cream and fresh fruits. Such a light and refreshing dessert! And oh, so gorgeous too!

Ahhh... look at that beauty!

5 out of 5 Stars for Pavlova_MNL!

***Pavlova_MNL - follow them in Instagram

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