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Coffee Chronicles: Duo Cocoa Mocha from SB

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 22 September 2015 | 14:15

It's back! Starbucks brought back the seasonal flavor Dark Caramel Latte which has a sweeter and deeper caramel flavor into it. Some find it too sweet but personally, I like that the caramel used in this drink is more buttery and has a deeper burnt sugar taste that I always look for in anything caramel. They also threw in a new flavor for the season - Duo Cocoa Mocha.

Hubby got the hot version and I got the iced version.

Iced Duo Coco Mocha - Short 145Php, Tall 155Php, Grande 170Php, Venti 180Php

Honestly, nothing special. For the iced version, still the same iced mocha. It was just topped with a chocolate whipped cream and some cocoa nibs. 

Hot Duo Coco Mocha - Short 145Php, Tall 155Php, Grande 170Php, Venti 180Php

The hot version went the same. You only have some nibbling bonus from the cocoa nibs.

Both drinks are up the menu until November 01, 2015.

Btw, I always ask for soy when I get my Mocha here. IMO, soy enhances the flavor of chocolate. Try it next time.

Ham and Cheese Danish for 95Php

We also got their Ham and Cheese Danish which was good. Never forget that this is best served warm. The pastry itself was buttery, flaky and soft with a thin slice of ham and cheese on top. Good but could have been better if the ham was thicker.

S'Mores for 70Php

Their S'Mores though was a let down. I also asked this to be warmed. Sure it was warm on top but was cold after the mallow layer. The base was a bit though and it was overall too sweet. Not something that I would order again.

3 out of 5 Stars for Starbucks!

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