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Earth Kitchen - Farm to Table Goodness

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 6 October 2015 | 03:11

There aren't a lot of restaurants in our local market offering organic and farm to table dishes. When you see one, it makes you think twice because menu prices aren't so affordable and most times healthy is equated to not so yummy. But those key players in this type of food revolution are wise and innovative. They know that healthy without flavors is nothing. Earth Kitchen is one of those that promotes locally sourced raw ingredients, giving importance to sustainable livelihood for local farmers and indigenous communities. They serve dishes made from scratch. They combine fresh and healthy with flavors and techniques.

They've also kept their restaurant theme close to nature. Unfinished walls, lots of wood installments and furnishings, fresh greens and a garden of herbs. They also utilized natural light with one part of the restaurant walled with glass. It was such a breather from all the modern restaurant interiors we see most of the time.

We got a whole lot from their menu during this visit. Starting off with their Soft Tacos, we got the Beef Bulgogi and Fish & Roasted Sesame. Both were good but the family favorite was the fish one.

Beef Bulgogi Soft Tacos
Beef Bulgogi Soft Tacos for 280Php

The Beef Bulgogi Soft Taco was spicy so it's not ideal for kids. It had tender chunks of boneless beef ribs, Kimchi rice, salad greens and seaweeds. The sauces that it was smothered with tied everything together. Must order!

Fish and Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos Earth Kitchen
Fish and Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos for 260Php

This soft taco, on the other hand, was made of perfectly seasoned Mahi-Mahi fillet in a crunchy and buttery breading on a bed of salad greens and cucumber then topped with seaweeds and smothered with roasted sesame dressing. Equally good!

For Pasta, we got the following --

Squid Ink and Aligue Pasta Earth Kitchen
Squid Ink and Aligue for 430Php

Black pasta that was squid ink, with squid ink sauce married with anise liquor and mild chilies then topped with local scallops, aligue and tarragon leaves. No cream here and no other sauce base and I'm sure this will not be an instant hit like Carbonara but I tell you, it's worth it! There was something addicting with the the flavors of the squid ink and aligue and the surprisingly pleasant anise that went so well with the scallops. The tarragon leaves added a refreshing finish to each spoonful. Definitely a favorite!

Four Mushroom and Egg Pasta Earth Kitchen
Four Mushroom and Egg for 350Php (Picture taken from Earth Kitchen's FB Page)

This is their version of Carbonara - Four Mushroom and Egg. Rich and creamy mushroom sauce with just the right saltiness. It had shiitake, milky and button mushrooms, slices of bacon slab and organic egg. My daughter really liked this one.

Onto the mains --

Braised Bacon Earth Kitchen
Braised Bacon for 530Php

Bacon lover? Oh you gotta try this! Two huge pieces of bacon slab with tender and flavorful meat, red cabbage and marble potatoes in a sweet and a little salty reduction sauce. You would want some extra rice here!

Roast Chicken Earth Kitchen
Roast Chicken for 395Php (picture taken from Earth Kitchen's website)

If you're looking for something healthier, go for this one. It's simple but it's delicious. You'll get a good portion of tender and juicy organic chicken with the right mix of herbs, french beans and baby potatoes.

Smoked Tomato Soup Earth Kitchen
Smoked Tomato Soup for 190Php

Since my daughter loves tomatoes, she requested for some tomato soup. They used organic tomatoes here, roasted, turned into a soup and then married with cream and gremolata. You can right away taste the unique roasted flavor of the tomatoes! Loved that it's creamy and delicious too. They paired this one with garlic bread but maybe better if it was with grilled cheese sandwich.

Mango Yogurt Shake Earth Kitchen Earth Kitchen Katipunan
Mango Yogurt Shake for 110Php

We also sampled two of their fruit shakes - Guyabano (pitcher for 260Php) and Mango Yogurt. Both refreshingly good, bursting with fresh fruits! Loved that they have an option for pitcher.

Then came desserts. We got two of their small batch, home-made and from scratch ice cream flavors --

Tablea Ice Cream Earth Kitchen Earth Kitchen Katipunan
Tablea Ice Cream for 180Php per Scoop

Tablea - crowd favorite! They used Carabao milk as their base together with good 'ol tablea chocolate to give it a rich and deep chocolate flavor. Then they added some chocolate chips and cookie crumbles. One scoop is big enough for sharing!

Goat's Cheese Ice Cream Earth Kitchen Earth Kitchen Katipunan
Goat's Cheese Ice Cream for 250Php per Scoop

Goat's Cheese Ice Cream Earth Kitchen Earth Kitchen Katipunan
Another look at this beauty

Goat's Cheese - oh this one is more complicated. You'll get a goat cheese ice cream that's thick and creamy with the delicate flavor of goat cheese. It's like eating a cheesecake ice cream with hints of blue cheese in it. Really amazing! Served with wild honey drizzle which added more sweetness, dried figs and pili nuts. IMO, the toppings, except for honey, weren't necessary since they added more sweetness and the ice cream was really good by itself.

Oh it was such a happy tummy filled lunch in Earth Kitchen. Service was knock out good as well. Just one call and you'll have a server waiting for your requests. Great food, great ambiance PLUS great service! Each peso was worth it!

5 out of 5 Stars for Earth Kitchen!

*** Earth Kitchen: Katipunan Ave., White Plains, Quezon City

---you can also find them here: Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave. cor. 28th St., BGC, Taguig City

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