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Poblacion Makati Food Crawl - El Chupacabra

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 28 October 2015 | 13:34

It was a lazy and relaxed Saturday night and hubby asked me out. We have been wanting to try the food stops in Poblacion, Makati and thought that this was the right time. So we went. 

As soon as we got to Poblacion, I already noticed that El Chupacabra was full. Not only full, it was overflowing. There were tables outside and even on the street already and there were still people waiting to be seated. WHOA! We braved the crowd and we were on the wait list. About 5-10 minutes later, they ushered us inside the restaurant. I thought that was best since it'll be away from the street buzz but boy I was wrong! It was hot and suffocating! We went out right away and decided to wait some more to get a table outside. After about another 5-10 mins, we got seated! Hooray!

El Chupacabra Poblacion
El Chupacabra, Makati

El Chupacabra is by Mexicali and we just had Mexicali the other day. We wanted to try their street tacos but guess they'll be just the same as the one we had in Mexicali. Decided to shy away from the Carne Asada since we had a bad meat experience with it. We got their Picadillo, SF Style Lean Pork Sisig and Chicharrones en Salsa Verde, 100php each served with two soft tacos, instead.

El Chupacabra Picadillo Street Taco
Picadillo - 100Php per order

Of all three, we liked the Picadillo most. Ground beef with Mexican spices, the mix was really tasty and juicy! Loved the green bell peppers, onions and celery on top! 

El Chupacabra Sisig Street Taco
San Francisco Style Lean Pork Sisig - 100Php per order

The Sisig was good too. The meat didn't have fat trimmings but was bursting with flavors. 

El Chupacabra Chicharrones Street Taco
Chicharrones en Salsa Verde - 100Php per order

Chicharrones can be skipped. It was basically chicharon and mind you, not the "laman" type but just the "balat with hangin" type. Can get soggy right away too.

El Chupacabra Horchata
Horchata - 72Php for 16oz.

Then I got a glass of Horchata while hubby got himself a bottle of beer. I have never heard of this drink before and so I took the risk. Great thing I did! Upon research, I found out that this is indeed a popular Mexican street drink. It's made of rice, hence the cloudy white color, and had hints of cinnamon. It's refreshing and I liked it a lot.

The place gets really noisy and smoky but that's alright coz I think that's the whole point. Great for random night outs even with friends since they offer cheaper beer prices compared to the other spots in this area and their food prices were affordable too. And the ambiance? Wait, what ambiance? 

Caution: this place is filthy so better be prepared or shy away from it if you can't take places like this. I wonder how it looks like during day time though.

4 out of 5 Stars for El Chupacabra!

--- El Chupacabra: G/F JVR Bldg., 5782 Felipe St., Bel-Air, Poblacion, Makati City

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