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Sushi Nori - All About Sushi

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 1 October 2015 | 14:47

Tried Sushi Nori the other night while food hunting in SM Aura. Small stall that sells nothing but sushi, seriously, and a couple of sides like Kani Salad. Checked their menu and got Sushi Dreams. 

Sushi NORI
Sushi Nori - SM Aura

Ordering is a breeze here since the menu is straight forward ---

First - you have to choose your shape : Temaki Handroll or Maki Rolls

Second - choose your sushi :
  • Basic - ranging from 89Php to 289Php for Temaki and 99Php to 249Php for Maki with just the chosen meat rolled in Japanese Rice and Nori
  • Deluxe - Combination of ingredients but mostly just basic ones like tamago, cucumber, mango, kani; 129Php for Temaki and 169Php for Maki
  • Special - They've put more thought into this selection compared to the first two. Lots of stuff going on in the roll and on top; 149Php for Temaki and 229Php for Maki
  • Premium - the most expensive of them all! No Temaki option here. Price range from 289Php to 329Php. These are fancy, complicated rolls.
Third (optional) - add in a side : Sashimi, Salad or maybe dessert.

Sushi NORI | FoodFanatic.Benteuno.com
Sushi Dreams, Maki Rolls for 229Php

So what's in a Sushi Dream? Salmon x kani x cream cheese rolled in nori then Japanese rice. Each piece was then toped with crunchy tempura flakes and drizzled with soy sauce. Pretty good. Loved how the cream cheese added flavor to each bite plus there was no "fishy" or raw smell in it.

Sushi NORI | FoodFanatic.Benteuno.com
A closer look at the rolls

You'll have to be warned though. Six small pieces of maki for 229Php - a little steep. 

Not really a super wow experience for me. Have tried better maki rolls within the same price range. But I have to commend them though for putting so much effort in coming up with creative maki rolls incorporating a play in ingredients, texture and flavor.

Still going back to try their other offerings and oh...they have green tea ice cream too!

4 out of 5 Stars for Sushi Nori!

*** Sushi Nori - Food on Four, 4/F SM Aura Premier, BGC, Taguig City

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