Kwong's Provisions- I'm Gonna Miss you

Written By clapalisoc on Sunday 4 October 2015 | 09:57

Have you ever felt so strongly about a particular restaurant that you always dream of coming back for more? Each time you have the opportunity to experience their menu, the dish that you have been dying to try is always out of stock. Then you keep on wishing and hoping. That's how I felt for Kwong's Provisions. 

Hole in the Wall
Kwong's Provision

My first time experiencing Kwong's Provisions was back in February of this year. It was one of the first stores that opened in Century Mall's famed "food court" Hole-in-the-Wall. The very first time I checked their menu, soft-shell crab and bacon got me. So, I ordered for a bowl of Bacon Dan Dan Mian and Softshell po'boy. I got my noodle bowl but the Cua Pao I wanted was sold out for the day! That's fine, I thought, coz there will be a lot of next time.

Bacon Dan Dan Mian
Bacon Dan Dan Mian for 220Php

Bacon Dan Dan Mian
A closer look at the good stuff!

My Bacon Dan Dan Mian was such a gorgeous bowl. It's not your usual noodle soup because it has less soup in it but it was so good! Spicy, milky and rich - that's how I'll describe the soup. I loved the nutty flavor with a hint of sesame seeds. Loved that the noodles were firm but not hard. Then the generous serving of bacon which was the main event. All components went so well together. This bowl is not for sharing coz believe me, you'll want more of it!

Pork Cheek Asado Mami
Pork Cheek Asado Mami for 250Php

Fast forward to a month ago I had another chance with Kwong's and it's Soft Shell Crab Cua Pao. We were there dinner time and to my dismay, it was once again sold out. Goodness! Since I was with my daughter that time, we tried their Pork Cheek Asado Mami. Not bad. Clear soup, tender and flavorful meet, great noodles. The serving had a lot in it and it was definitely for sharing.

Crispy Hong Ba Cua Pao
Crispy Hong Ba Cua Pao for 170Php

Since I really wanted some Cua Pao that time, we settled for the Crispy Hong Ba Cua Pao instead. Expensive for the serving though the piece of meet inside was really good. Tender, with crispy skin, salty and flavorful. The Cua Pao was better than your usual Chowking Cua Pao. Really soft and a little sweet. But then again, this is something that I would not give a second chance.

Kwong's Provision Closing

Then the news came about. Hole-in-the-Wall announced in it's IG page that they have closed Kwong's Provisions. WHAT?!? What about my Soft Shell Crab Cua Pao? My Bacon Dan Dan Mian? All gone into thin air just like that.

So long Kwong's!

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