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ChopStop x The Deal Project - An Awesome Deal!

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 2 November 2016 | 13:20

ChopStop is not new to me since I've tried it before in SM BF and I liked it. The concept is pretty simple - choose if you want pork or chicken, choose your sauce and sides - DONE! Their meat is of the breaded and deep fried kind. You shouldn't put your expectations high up though coz it's fast food that we're talking about here and their price points are relatively low. A set meal comes with an unlimited serving of rice and a simple soup too. You can add 20Php for your drink.

ChopStop Meals
ChopStop Set Meals!

Got the chance to score some discount vouchers from THE DEAL PROJECT for ChopStop in McKinley Hill. My fiend Reich and I went and we were surprised with the deal that we got! We thought that each voucher was good for one meal but nah! Each voucher will give you two meals! For 398Php, we got 4 meals. Gosh! 

Since there were 4 sauces available we opted to try all - two meals with pork chops and nachos then the other two with chicken chops and mixed veggies. 

Mushroom Gravy

Mushroom Gravy Chop from ChopStop McKinley Hill

Got this with chicken and nachos as the side. The meat was tender, the breading was thin but the sauce needed more flavor. You wouldn't really taste the "mushroom" in it. It was a little bland too. 

Mushroom Gravy Chop from ChopStop

What I liked though was the crisp from the breading. The side serving of nachos as okay - smothered with tomato based sauce and some salsa.


BBQ Chop from ChopStop

Pork chop that was smothered with barbecue sauce, this came in with veggies as the side. The meat was tender, thin breading but there was too much sauce. 

BBQ Chop from ChopStop McKinley Hill

If you are into a hunger game and would want to consume a lot of rice, this is your best bet since the barbecue sauce can act as an extender of your chop.


Buffalo Chop from ChopStop

We got pork chop for this one too. This was my favorite during the visit. I love buffalo wings! The sourness combined with some sweet notes and the spicy kick - lovely. 

Buffalo Chop from ChopStop

Chopstop's version was just right - not too sour, not too strong. It went well with the fat trimmings of the pork. It over threw my love for their JD sauce.

Jack Daniel's 

Jack Daniel's Chop from ChopStop

I liked this one when I first tried it. It had just the right combination of sweet and savory. 

Jack Daniel's Chop from ChopStop

Tried it with chicken chop this time and it was still good. 

Overall, it was a great fast food lunch. A meal without iced tea costs 129Php - 1 piece and 179Php - 2 pieces for the Mushroom Gravy and BBQ flavors. Add 10Php more if you opt to get the Buffalo or JD flavor. The Deal Project voucher though will cost you 199Php for two meals, regardless of the flavors you'll choose. You'll save around 50-80 pesos per voucher which is not bad at all!

***Note: the voucher is valid only at the McKinley Hill branch of ChopStop

4 out of 5 Stars for ChopStop!

--- ChopStop: G/F One World Square, Upper McKinley Rd., Taguig City

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