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When in Tarlac City: Bean on Me Cafe - Yay or Nay?

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 1 November 2016 | 13:20

I spotted this new Cafe during our recent trip to Tarlac City and I decided immediately to try it. Based on the name, I new that coffee was supposed to be their specialty. 

Bean on Me Cafe Tarlac City

Bean on Me - located along Mc Arthur Hi-Way, just beside Huat Chan. It was pretty easy to spot this because it has a huge brightly lit signage. 

Bean on Me Cafe details

Bean on Me Cafe Details

Inside, you'll see couches and cushioned seats, tables with encased coffee beans in the middle, warm lighting and an overall good ambiance. 

Bean on Me Cafe details

You have to go to their counter, check their menu board and order from there. They also have a cake and pastries display, in case you want some.

We gave the following a try ---

Baby Back Ribs from Bean on Me Cafe
Baby Back Ribs for 229Php

Two slabs of ribs served with mixed veggies and a choice of rice or mashed potato. Hubby opted to get mashed potato. The meat was not too tough but not too tender as well. Just the right bite and chew. The barbecue sauce though was too much! Very strong flavors, too sour for my liking. I could definitely taste some grocery bought barbecue sauce, ketchup and Worcestershire. The sauce also had some garlic in it and chili. Trust me, you'll want to scrape off the sauce from the ribs!

Baby Back Ribs from Bean on Me Cafe
The entire plate of our Baby Back Ribs order

The mashed potato, on the other hand, was literally mashed - boiled potatoes with some skin that has been mashed and seasoned very lightly with salt and pepper. Pretty healthy I would say but definitely bland. This was also served cold, instead of a little warm. Dang!

Shrimp Penne Pesto from Bean on Me Cafe
Shrimp Penne Pesto for 189Php

First off, let me talk about the shrimps in this pasta. I found one piece of small sized shrimp and another very tiny piece. Then there were three pieces of thin squid rings. I hope they just offered chicken instead of shrimps if costing will not allow decent serving of the seafood. Pesto sauce was not freshly made, needs more olive oil, no pine nuts and I needed to put in some salt. Pasta was a little overcooked. Gah! Waste of calories.

Turtle Pie Slice from Bean on Me Cafe Tarlac City
Turtle Pie Slice for 130Php

They don't bake their own cakes and pastries as confessed by the staff. They're being supplied to them. I was thinkng of getting the lava cake but the Turtle Pie won me over. It was pretty good - chocolate cookie crust, caramel layer, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, walnuts - I loved every bit of it. But then again they didn't make this.

White Chocolate Mocha from Bean on Me Cafe Tarlac City
White Chocolate Mocha for 115Php (Regular) 

This was too sweet. There was way too much milk and a very weak coffee taste. I'm sorry but it was like drinking those flavored 3-in-1 packets that you get from the grocery.

Totally disliked our visit here. Customer service was okay though there were times that it was really hard to call the attention of the servers. Wifi was the only consolation lol

Menu for reference:

Bean on Me Cafe Menu
Bean on Me Cafe Menu
Beverages Menu

1 out of 5 Stars for Bean on Me!

--- Bean on Me Cafe: 3M Building, Brgy. Ligtasan, MacArthur Highway, Tarlac City

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