Genki Sushi - A FUN Sushi Dining Experience!

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Been seeing Genki Sushi Bonifacio Stopover and at first I thought it was just another sushi house. But each time I pass by the place my curiosity travels. What could they be serving differently? What could be their gimmick? 

Genki Sushi Bonifacio Stopover
Genki Sushi Bonifacio Stopover

I was also attracted to their brightly lit store and their grumpy logo. I've been asking the husband to go since we both love sushi but the email of Peanut from looloo happened first. 

Genki Sushi x looloo on a Thursday night! We were welcomed and accompanied by their Manage DJ and his assistant Michelle. Two tables for 9 hungry foodies!

Genki Sushi Ordering System
iPad + Train! That's how they do it!

Genki Sushi is a franchise from Japan brought to the local scene by the same people who brought Mango Tree, Coca and Cocina Peruvia. Their ordering system was pretty cool! Check their offerings from the iPads installed in each table, get lost with their wide selection of sushi, maki, sashimi etc, get carried away and order order order! Seriously, you can only order a max of 4 each time because orders are brought to your table by a train! Yup, no staff involved, except when you need any assistance of course. The train will deliver your orders and will stop right were it should. Press the yellow button and it will go back to the kitchen. Cool!

Genki Sushi Must Try
Look at all these plates of sushi, maki and sashimi!!!

We had a sushi feast that night and DJ allowed us to order whatever we wanted from their menu! So imagine how giddy we were to try their best sellers. DJ also helped us by suggesting what to order and even ordering his favorites for us to try. Very generous guy! We had the following ---

> Sashimi <

Tuna Sashimi from Genki Sushi
Tuna Sashimi for 250Php

Salmon Sashimi from Genki Sushi
Salmon Sashimi for 250Php

Yellow Tail Sashimi from Genki Sushi
Yellow Tail Sashimi for 290Php

Their Sashimi were all good! Melt in your mouth, fresh, clean with no funky fishy smell. Yellow Tail was something I haven't tried before. It wasn't bad. It just had a more slimy feel when you bite, but that's just me.

> Sushi/Maki <

Genki Sushi Bonifacio Stopover

We got a total of 12 kinds Sushi/Maki - 2 orders each!

Seared Salmon Black Pepper from Genki Sushi
Seared Salmon Black Pepper for 140Php

We loved the Seared Salmon Black Pepper so much that we went for seconds - 4 orders! Imagine, a thin slice of salmon lightly seared with just the right amount of fat, topped with mayo and black pepper - it's melt in your mouth plus it had a nice smoky taste and a good kick from the black pepper! Insanely good, it's highly recommended.

Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe from Genki Sushi
Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe for 160Php

Seared Scallop with Pollock Roe from Genki Sushi
Seared Scallop with Pollock Roe for 220Php

My other two super favorites were the Seared Salmon and Seared Scallops with Pollock Roe! Pollock Roe is the main ingredient of Mentaiko. So if you fancy this delicay, you should order these two! The roe had a creamy texture and was filled with umamilicious goodness! Both salmon and scallops were melt in your mouth I can eat 10 of these!

Spicy Double Maki Salmon from Genki Sushi
Spicy Double Maki Salmon for 160Php

If you want your salmon with a kick of spice, go get the Spicy Double Maki Salmon. Salmon rolled with cucumber then the entire thing was topped with seared salmon! 

Seared Salmon Skin from Genki Sushi
Seared Salmon Skin for 120Php

The Seared Salmon Skin was good as well. Gosh, just get all the salmon Maki and Sushi! 

Cheese Premium Shrimp from Genki Sushi
Cheese Premium Shrimp for 200Php

If you want something that's cheesy, definitely go for the Cheese Premium Shrimps. The shrimp was juicy and succulent and the best part? It's topped with a hefty serving of cheese!

Here are the other Sushi/Maki that we got ---

Seared Tamago Black Pepper from Genki Sushi
Seared Tamago Black Pepper for 140Php

Spicy Tuna Roll from Genki Sushi
Spicy Tuna Roll for 160Php

California Maki from Genki Sushi
California Maki Roll for 160Php

Seared Crab Black Pepper from Genki Sushi
Seared Crab Black Pepper for 140Php

Tuna Tataki Nigiri from Genki Sushi
Tuna Tataki Nigiri for 120Php

Kyuri Unagi Maki Roll from Genki Sushi
Kyuri Unagi Maki Roll for 180Php

Other stuff that we tried are the following --

Agedashi Tofu from Genki Sushi
Agedashi Tofu for 120Php

Soft and silky tofu cubes with a good crunchy coating and a sweet sauce. This was topped with bonito flakes.

Genki Salad from Genki Sushi PH
Genki Salad for 220Php

MUST ORDER! It's a medley of all things good - crisp lettuce, crunchy broccoli, the juiciest and freshest cherry tomatoes, corn kernels, shrimp sashimi and  salmon sashimi all smothered with a mayo based dressing that had hints of Mentaiko!

Chuka Wakame from Genki Sushi
Chuka Wakame for 140Php

This seaweed salad was a palette cleanser and gave that much needed break when my tummy was about to explode because of sushi overload! It had a nice citrus kick that was balanced by the sesame oil plus good crunch from the seaweed strips. 

Fried Tofu Skin from Genki Sushi
Fried Tofu Skin for 70Php

A sweet lump of rice wrapped in a thin tofu envelope, this one was more of a dessert for me. It wasn't bad but since we were having some salmon party, this came in as my least favorite.

Desserts from Genki Sushi PH
Desserts galore!

Even though we were already so full, we still managed to order a handful of desserts!

Matcha Ice Cream from Genki Sushi PH
Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha!!! Legit Matcha ice cream with that grassy bitter taste - but not too overpowering. 

Matcha Double Cake from Genki Sushi
Matcha Double Cake for 140Php

This one's good too. A layer of plain cheesecake that was a little tart topped with a thicker layer of Matcha Cheesecake that was lighter and finished off with some matcha cake crumbs. Each layer was smooth and creamy and blended well together. Just a tip though - if you will order this with the Matcha ice cream, make sure to try this first coz the Matcha ice cream will over shadow the flavor of the Matcha Cheesecake.

Traditional Tiramisu from Genki Sushi
Traditional Tiramisu

I don't have much Tiramisu experience and I've only really liked UCC's version so far. I want a subtle Mascarpone flavor and a balanced but strong coffee and liquor kick. Genki Shushi's version had all three fulfilled! I'm one happy kid!

Japanese Tiramisu from Genki Sushi
Japanese Tiramisu

This one's odd for a tiramisu. According to DJ, this and their cheesecake were imported directly from Japan. It was more like a chocolate mousse with lemon jelly.

Rare Japanese Cheesecake from Genki Sushi
Rare Japanese Cheesecake for 140Php

No bake cheesecake that was made using gelatin to provide some structure, this one was very light and a shy away from the usual New York Cheesecake. It didn't have that tarty cream cheese flavor, but rather mild notes of cheese that I don't know what. Each bite though reminded me of Pablo's Sabrels. 

Genki Sushi Bonifacio Stopover
Unli Green Tea!

Other than the cool ordering system here in Genki Sushi, they also have a dispenser of hot water in each table that came in the form  of a faucet. If you fancy green tea, they have a container full of green tea powder that you can mix with the hot water anytime you want to. 

I loved this visit! Genki Sushi definitely does not scrimp on the good stuff and their prices are reasonable. Can't wait to go back with the husband! 

5 out of 5 Stars for Genki Sushi!

--- Genki Sushi: BGC Stopover Pavillion, Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street, BGC, Taguig City

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  1. Ahhh thanks so much for the review! I've been looking for sushi restaurants here in the PH that have that moving sushi bar gimmick, since I've always wanted to try eating at one.

    1. You're welcome! Get the seared ones, they're really yummy!


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