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About two Saturdays ago I got invited into a food crawl and that I can't say no to. Zomato x ABSCBN = HUNGER GAMES! Antipolo was our destination with six restaurants to visit. The food crawl started around 10:30AM visiting one restaurant after the other with very little time to recover. We reached our last stop by dinner time! I'm telling you, it was the ultimate food trip and I was so full, no I was SUPER FULL that I wasn't able to eat the following day!

ZomatoxABSCBN foodcrawl
Cafe Lupe - Antipolo

First stop for the EPIC #zomatoxabscbn foodcrawl was Cafe Lupe. Sounds familiar? It's the same Cafe Lupe in Guadalupe before, thus the name.

ZomatoxABSCBN foodcrawl
Cafe Lupe - Hotel and Resto

The property was huge! Aside from the restaurant, they also offer bed and breakfast. Can I also say that they've got a nice overlooking view of the entire Metro? 

ZomatoxABSCBN foodcrawl
Overlooking the Metro!

If you wanna dine with a spectacular view, this is your best bet and I'm guessing that the view is lovelier when the sun has set and all the night lights sparkling like remote stars.

 Paella a la Lupe
Paella a la Lupe - Reg. for 600Php | Big for 1200Php

Onto the food, a very photogenic pan of Seafood Paella landed into our table first. Big serving, for about 18-20 people, packed with shrimps, mussels, squid, clams, slices of sausages and ham. The rice had a nice yellow-orange color because of the saffron and the lemon slices makes for a pretty centerpiece.

Paella a la Lupe from Cafe Lupe
A closer look at this huge pan of Paella!

The rice was a little sticky, flavorful but I prefer a little touch of tomato sauce. Nonetheless, this dish is your best bet if your dining here with a big group!

We also got to try the following dishes --

Baby Back Ribs from Cafe Lupe
Baby Back Ribs for 325Php

The ribs were tender, not fall off the bone, but the meat was soft and flavorful! According to the manager, they steam the ribs for about 4-5 hrs and then slow cooked until very tender. Then they rub them with a mix composed of Mexican herbs, sugar and cayenne pepper. To complete the process, they grill the ribs and use the same marinade to make a thick reduction for the side sauce (infused with mango and with a little spicy kick). Delicious ribs!

Note: Regular order comes in with a cup of garlic rice.

Beef Kansi from Cafe Lupe
Beef Kansi for 385Php

Kansi is something that's not new to me. Sarsa's Sizzling Kansi is a family favorite. Cafe Lupe's version though is the traditional one. Batwan infused soup, giving the dish it's characteristic sourness, tender beef and a little spicy kick - it was like sinigang, only better. 

Kadyos (KBL - Kadyos Baboy Langka) from Cafe Lupe
Kadyos (KBL - Kadyos Baboy Langka) for 385Php

Last dish served was this - Kadyos. I have never tried, even heard, this dish until this day. Learned that it's made up of Kadyos which are pigeon peas, the small black ones in the pic, chopped jack fruit, batwan and pork liempo chunks. It was more like Sinigang with the characteristic sourness of the Kansi that we had. I did not really dare eat the jack fruit slices coz I'm not a fan of jack fruit cooked as viand.

Iced Tea from Cafe Lupe
Refreshingly good!

For drinks, I got a glass of iced tea which was so refreshing and had a hint of mango in it. I later learned that they brew their own tea and infuse it with mango juice. Nice!

ZomatoxABSCBN foodcrawl
Zomato x ABS-CBN Antipolo Food Crawl - Cafe Lupe

Overall, it was such a burp-ful delicious brunch! Definitely recommending Cafe Lupe for large groups wanting some comfort Filipino and Ilonggo food. They also have a wide selection of cocktails, beer and other liquor to choose from. Perfect spot anytime of the day!

3.5 out of 5 Stars for Cafe Lupe!

--- Cafe Lupe: 267-269 Comoda Ville Penthouse, Sitio Ruhat, Sumulong Highway, Mambugan, Lower Antipolo, Rizal

Cafe Lupe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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