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Second stop of the EPIC Zomato x ABSCBN Antipolo Food Crawl was Marison's. Taking inspiration from the family's favorite Filipino restaurants in Metro Manila - Abe, Mesa and Romulo's - they decided to bring the same experience into the scenic and lush area of Antipolo. 

Marison's - Vista Mall, Antipolo

Offering Modern Filipino cuisine, most of the dishes here came from family recipes. They also have a chef consultant from Marco Polo Davao to help them out with their menu.

Natural light and lush greens!

Marison's has two branches in Antipolo. We got to visit the one located in Vista Mall. The place was simple yet I loved how it utilized natural light by using glass as walls. This also made it possible to enjoy the lush greenery and the serene beauty of Antipolo. 

A look inside the restaurant

When we went there, we were welcomed by Aldrich, the son of Marison. He had us try their best selling dishes.

Pork Binagoongan from Marison's
Pork Binagoongan for 310Php

This is not your usual saucy Pork Binagoongan. They've toasted the alamang to get this reduced sauce and smothered this into sinful Lechon Kawali chunks, topped with tomato slices, spring onions, green chili and egg plant slices on the side. It was also served with fresh green mango strips. Loved the crisp from the lechon kawali and the salty alamang. A nice take on a classic Filipino favorite.

Sinaing na Buntot ng Tuna from Marison's Antipolo
Sinaing na Buntot ng Tuna for 430Php

Taking inspiration from Sinaing na Tulingan, they took the classic dish to the next level by using tuna. They didn't stop there though, they even topped this with "Bagnet Chips" to add texture and flavor. Steamed then deep-fried, the fish was a little bland for my liking. Maybe smothering it with some of the sauce will do the trick.

Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare from Marison's Antipolo
Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare for 375Php

If there is one dish that's worth coming back for here at Marison's, it's definitely their stellar Kare-Kare! It's a show stopper! Kare-Kare is my all time favorite Filipino dish and I have to admit that this is the BEST I've had so far! Everything in this dish was DELICIOUS! Tender beef chunks, perfectly cooked veggies retaining a certain crisp, home made bagoong, unforgettable sauce and toppings! The sauce was thick, smooth and had a characteristic sweetness in it. According to Aldrich, they used both peanuts and local cashew (roasted) to give it it's unique flavor. Anipolo produces cashews so it was a great way to introduce some local goods into their dish. 

Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare from Marison's Antipolo
A closer look at all the good stuff from this Kare-Kare!

Other than the sauce, Marison's topped this dish with crispy breaded strips of Ox Tripe that they call Chicharon Tripe! Can I say that this move was indeed GENIUS? Instead of getting the usual soft and often hard to chew ox tripe, you'll get these amazingly crispy and really really delicious strips. I could finish a whole bag of these Chicharon Tripe!

For dessert, we tried the following --

Halo-Halo: Regular from Marison's Antipolo
Halo-Halo: Regular for 100Php | Large for 135Php

Halo-halo - most Filipinos LOVE this! Sweetened banana, jellies, jack fruit, macapuno, lots of leche flan, ube and pinipig with their signature fine shaved ice and ample milk, this was indeed good!

Sansrival from Marison's Antipolo
Sansrival for 140Php per slice | 1120Php Whole Cake

I loved their Sansrival! According to Aldrich, this is their family recipe. 

Sansrival from Marison's Antipolo

Layers of crisp meringue filled with sweet cream mixed with lots of cashew - they leveled up the Sansrival game by adding Macadamia! 

Sansrival from Marison's Antipolo

To finish off this dessert, they topped it with more bits of cashew and more Macadamia! 

Sansrival from Marison's Antipolo

It was delicious! Not too sweet and perfectly crisp.

#zomatoxabscbn, #antipolofoodcrawl
Zomato x ABSCBN - Antipolo Food Crawl : HUNGER GAMES!!!

Awesome food in this place! Order the Kare-Kare no matter what. Just get it haha! Highly recommended if you want Modern Filipino food in Antipolo. Great job Marison's!

5 out of 5 Stars for Marison's!

--- Marison's: Second Floor, Vista Mall Antipolo, M.L. Quezon Ext. San Roque, Upper Antipolo, Rizal 1870

***you can also find them here: Upper Ground Floor, Robinson's Place Antipolo, Sumulong Highway, Dela Paz, Upper Antipolo, Rizal

Marison's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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