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I love to shop online. Clothes, shoes, bags, baking stuff, mason jars, food, etc etc. Instagram is my go to place and I seriously have bought a lot of sweets - cakes, crinkles, brownies, cookies, banana loaves and even Pavlova - from home based bakers who made Instagram one of their business portals. There is something so appealing when the cake I have for a particular occasion is unique or one of a kind. It can get boring to source out cakes from the usual bakeshops in our local market and it's a blessing that Instagram is around to help home bakers sell their products. Also, since they don't have to pay for rent and people to man a physical store, their prices are cheaper for the quality of products they provide!

Family Favorites Kitchen
Image taken from Family Favorites' FB Page

Family Favorites Bakery is one IG Seller that I have come to love. I can't remember anymore how I actually found them in IG but I sure am glad that I did. Their rainbow cake caught my attention and to date, I've ordered a total of four from them for different occasions! 

Rainbow cake from Family Favorites Kitchen
You can request for sprinkles and even a message into your cake!

My first encounter with Family Favorites Bakery was during my daughter's 6th birthday, May of last year (2015). I had the cake delivered to Earth Kitchen in White Plains where we had our lunch. The cake was heavy! I took it out of the box immediately and was so excited to slice it! From the outside, it looked totally plain and boring. Plain icing that's snow white in color, I asked the baker to put in some heart candy sprinkles on top plus a birthday message. As soon as I took out the first slice, the cake proved to be a show stopper! Everyone in our table, and even the restaurant staff, swoon over the gorgeous colorful layers of the cake! I loved it! My daughter absolutely loved it too!

Rainbow cake from Family Favorites Kitchen
Rainbow Cake with plain icing decor for 900Php + 120Php fixed delivery fee

Six beautifully tinted layers of vanilla cake resembling a rainbow - red (which turned out to be pinkish red lol) - orange - yellow - green - blue - violet. Thin buttercream icing layered each color and the entire cake was covered with the same icing. With a height of about six inches, it's advisable to get just a thin slice. 

Rainbow Cake from Family Favorites Bakery
This cake tastes as good as it looks!

The cake was not only pretty, it was yummy too! I don't know what the secret ingredient was but it had a texture that seems like there was coconut in it. The cake layers were not too sweet at all so it's the icing that primarily gave the sweetness. 

Rainbow Cake from Family Favorites Kitchen
Another cake I ordered for a friend - requested for the sprinkles too!

If you are not into sweet cakes, then, this might be cloying for you after a while but it was perfectly sweet for a sweet tooth like me! Trust me, this cake is more than gorgeous! It's a good surprise cake for all ages! Such a crowd pleaser.

Rainbow Cake from Family Favorites Kitchen
Light purple tinted frosting for a Sofia the First theme! I added the Sofia toppers :)

Just recently, I ordered another rainbow cake for the 2nd birthday of my youngest. I requested for a light purple icing instead of the plain white. Still the same rainbow cake goodness, still the same gorgeous layers!

Chocolate Nutella Cake from Family Favorites Kitchen
Chocolate Nutella Cake for 800Php + 120Php fixed delivery fee

Early this month, I ordered their Chocolate Nutella Cake for hubby's birthday. Round cake that was about eight inches in diameter, just looking at it made me drool! Made up of two layers of chocolate cake with a light Nutella infused cream in between. The same Nutella icing was used as the frosting for the entire cake. As if the Nutella goodness was not yet enough, they even drizzled the top with generous amount of Nutella then finished off with some chocolate shavings! Gah!

Chocolate Nutella Cake from Family Favorites Kitchen
A look at what's inside this drool worthy cake!

The chocolate cake itself wasn't the fudgy old fashioned type. It was light and airy but wasn't dry. It held the whipped Nutella filling well and it wasn't too sweet at all. My husband, who doesn't like super sweet cakes, finished a big slice of this so that says a lot. The thick drizzle of Nutella on top adds magic to very spoonful of this cake. Even if I've stored the cake in the ref for days, it didn't get dry at all! It's an instant family favorite indeed!

The owner of Family Favorites is very easy to talk to. Cake requests like adding of sprinkles, specific color, etc are welcome and most of the time free of charge. Major modifications or additions though are subject to assessment for proper pricing. 

Ordering is a breeze! 

1) You just need to send them a text or Viber message, number below
2) Pay the total amount via bank deposit
3) Send the proof of payment via text or Viber
4) Agree on a delivery or pick-up date and location

Menu for Family Favorites Kitchen
Menu from Family Favorites Bakery - prices as of August 2016

5 out of 5 Stars for Family Favorites Bakery!

--- Family Favorites Bakery: 

***IG: @familyfavoriteskitchen or click HERE
***FB: click HERE
***Phone Number: (+63) 927 378 4789

Note: They have recently changed their name to Family Favorites Kitchen

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