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Everything Green Tea: Matcha Dip for your Churros!

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 14 September 2016 | 11:51

Attention Matcha friends! Churreria La Lola has done it again!

I can't believe it when my friend Reich told me about the Matcha Churro Dip in La Lola! Warm Churros x Matcha Dip is a matcha dream come true for me! I remember when I tried their Matcha Churros - the matcha dipped and chilled ones - and wished that they made a dip instead. Now, it's already a reality!

Matcha Churro Dip
Matcha Curro  Dip - M for 60Php | L for 100Php | XL for 130Php

I knew I had to try this right away. I'm more of a warm churro kind of gal so it was a pleasant news when La Lola announced this in their FB and IG pages. 

Matcha Churro Dip
Churros Classicos - M (6pcs) for 110Php | L (12pcs) for 195Php | XL (18pcs) for 275Php

Available starting 11th of September in all of their branches, I went to SM Aura on the same day! I waited patiently to try it coz the line and waiting time was crazy! Took them about 15 minutes to serve my order.

Matcha Churro Dip
Matcha Churro Dip!

Freshly made, warm churros, deep fried in olive oil and dusted with sugar - I got 6 pieces of their Classic Churros and paired this with their matcha dip that was priced just the same as their signature and dark chocolate dips. Verdict?!? It was good! It was sweet and runny and can get cloying but nonetheless, it was good! Premium matcha green tea  blended with white chocolate, it tasted like the trusty KitKat Matcha, only in liquid form. Knocked down 3 churros while walking around SM Aura!

Matcha Churro Dip
Churros Classicos (M) x Matcha Churro Dip (M) for 170Php

The dip was runny as it was served warm but as it cooled down, it got thicker! When I got home, it had the consistency that I wanted. I just needed to re-heat my churros, via oven toaster, and enjoyed them with a thicker and more luscious Matcha dip!

4 out of 5 Stars for Churreria La Lola's Matcha Churro Dip!

--- Churreria La Lola: Check out their locations HERE!

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