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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 5 August 2016 | 14:39

The first time I saw La Lola post a picture of their Matcha Churros in IG, I went a little crazy and visited the nearest branch the next day! Didn't score some though because their SM Aura Branch told me that they run out of Matcha powder. Tried the next day, nah! Tried to check when they'll have it available again through IG messages but no luck.

Matcha Churros
Matcha Churros for 245Php - 6pcs

Fast forward to weeks after, I finally had my hands on these Matcha Churros! Classic Churros dipped into this rich and milky Match sauce, chilled then drizzled with white chocolate. Honestly, I'm not a "chilled churro" fan so I was a little doubtful. Six pieces and I only ate two, barely finishing my second. I really don't like my churros cold. I find them not appealing at all. Hard to bite plus hard to chew. But the Matcha Chocolate coating was thick and good. Just the right kick if matcha - not too bitter but it was sweet. Best paired with coffee I guess.

Matcha Churros from Churreria La Lola
A closer look at this piece of Matcha Churro

Brought the remaining 4 pcs home, placed them inside the ref and remembered them around midnight. Took them out and decided to pop two into the oven toaster! Three minutes into the heating chamber and tada!!! THE BEST MATCHA CHURROS EVER. I tell you, they're best consumed warm. The melted Matcha Chocolate Coating was gooey, thick and rich. It was sweet but the matcha kick was more evident. I finished all 4 in no time!

I wish La Lola would make a Matcha Chocolate dip instead. I bet that'll go well with their classic churros.

Chocochurros from Churreria La Lola
Chocochurros for 195Php - 6pcs

Other than the Matcha Churros, La Lola also has Chocochurros which are dipped with dark chocolate. Tried them as well months ago. I wasn't really sure if I'll like them but they just looked so enticing! First bite - it was weird. Cold churros, anyone? I kept on munching anyway and enjoyed half of the first stick. They were chocolatey but as I kept on munching the sweetness level got too much. I forced myself to finish one more stick drinking some water in between bites. These Chocochurros are not for me.

Dulce de leche Xuxos
Dulce de Leche Xuxos for 120Php

Then I met the Xuxos which are basically the same classic churros filled with your choice of Nutella, Dulce de Leche, strawberry jam or peanut butter. I tired the one filled with Dulce de Leche and boy it was so good! 

Xuxos from Churreria La Lola
Look at that Dulce de Leche oozing out!

Warm churros generously filled with thick and sinfully sweet Dulce de Leche which was like yema oozing out. It was so good that I kept on munching and in about a minute or two, it was gone! All gone! I was left with lots of sticky and yummy Dulce de Leche sitting at the bottom of the wrapper. I shamelessly licked because IT.WAS.SO.GOOD!

IMO, too pricey. I hope and wish and pray that they will sell the Dulce de Leche as a dip!

Matcha Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
Matcha Churro Ice Cream Sandwich for 145Php

To continue with my Matcha escapades, I also tried their Matcha Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. It was messy to deal with because the scoop of ice cream was big and I wish they could have made it easier to consume. There was no way to eat it like a real sandwich. We needed to ask for utensils to manage but then again this was good stuff! The Matcha ice cream was so good - strong kick of Matcha in a smooth, thick and creamy ice cream base. It was made sweeter by the sweet milk that it was drizzled with but I'm totally okay with that. I also noticed how good the churro was. It was warm and freshly made. I wished they made it thicker and bigger though.

Vanilla Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
Vanilla Churro Ice Cream Sandwich for 145Php

The Vanilla flavored Churro Ice Cream Sandwich was just okay though but you know this could be because I tried it after the Matcha and I'm no vanilla ice cream fanatic.

Iced Mocha from Churreria La Lola
Medium Iced Mocha for 110Php

I'm sure coffee is not the specialty of La Lola but they carry Espressamente Illy. I tried their Iced Mocha and it was okay - nothing very special. Too much ice, strong coffee but chocolate was sweeter than the deep dark flavor that I was looking for. Not bad but not so impressed either.

Gosh, I've been going to La Lola a lot!

*** Churerria La Lola branches: click HERE

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