Poblacion Food Crawl: Bucky's Counter - Buckies and MORE!!

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I've been to Bucky's Counter in BF, their first ever store, and liked it there! The place was small but it was neat and properly arranged. When we went, they offered different variants of their buckies and coffee from Yardstick too. 

Bucky's Counter Poblacion
Bucky's Counter - Poblacion, Makati City

I was quite excited when I learned that they opened a new branch which offers hot dishes. So, during our #PoblacionFoodCrawl, we made sure to stop by Bucky's Counter.

Menu from Bucky's Counter Poblacion
Bucky's Counter - Menu

Salads, soups, sandwiches and pasta - their menu was simple and had just a couple of dishes available. Nothing heavy was listed rather, breakfast and snack items were there. 

Buckies from Bucky's Counter Poblacion
Choose your Bucky!

We wanted to sample their best sellers and some of their buckies so we got the Ropa Vieja Sandwich, Baked Ziti with Ragu, Yana Banana and Bugs Bucky.

Restaurant details of Bucky's Counter Poblacion
A look inside Bucky's Counter in Poblacion

While waiting for our orders, I checked out their space. It was small, alright, with just about 5-6 tables. It can get really cramped if full but they've set-up tables outside for some al fresco dining. The place had warm lighting and simple interiors. Nothing fancy but I liked it. 

Restaurant details of Bucky's Counter Poblacion
More restaurant details for Bucky's Counter in Poblacion

It gave me a resto-bar feel, maybe because of the long counter that has a portion lined with beer and liquor bottles, very chill and nothing intimidating. I can say that it's a perfect catch up place for friends.

Onto the food --

Yana Banana Bucky
Yana Banana for 120Php

We got the buckies first. Yana Banana is their version of a banana cake. Baked with walnuts and a dash of rhum, this was good! Moist, sweet and bursting with banana flavor goodness, the addition of walnuts gave this bucky some texture.

Bugs Bucky from Bucky's Counter
Bugs Bucky for 120Php

Bugs Bucky is their version of carrot cake. Two thick squares of buckies with some cream cheese in between. This was okay. Could have been good but there was just too much cinnamon. It was moist, nevertheless.

Baked Ziti with Ragu from Bucky's Counter Poblacion
Baked Ziti for 220Php | with Ragu + 80Php

Then we got the pasta - Baked Ziti with Ragu. This was just okay. I mean, it was good but nothing wow and for the price, I would say it's not worth it. 300Php for a bowl that can be shared but if it's meant for your lunch, it'll be enough for one. 

Baked Ziti with Ragu
A closer look at this Baked Ziti with Ragu from Bucky's Counter

Pasta was al dente, tomato based sauce had the right balance of sourness and sweetness, lots of gooey cheese and the ragu was meaty with a nice flavor.

Ropa Vieja Sandwich from Bucky's Counter Poblacion
Ropa Vieja Sandwich for 300Php

Ropa Vieja Sandwich was good. Ropa Vieja is of Cuban origin. Slow cooked meat until it becomes tender and almost shredded, Bucky's Counter used pork instead of the traditional beef. It was more like a pulled pork sandwich. Loved the thin bread toasted with some crisp and the gooey cheese. 

Ropa Vieja Sandwich from Bucky's Counter Poblacion
A closer look at the Ropa Vieja Sandwich from Bucky's Counter

The meat was also very flavorful and they added pickled cucumber to break the saltiness of the meat. This sandwich also came in with a side serving of sauce, that you can drizzle into your sandwich in case you feel that it needs more flavor. This was also served with chips on the side.

Buckies from Bucky's Counter Poblacion
Buckies, unite!

Overall, it was an okay visit. Servers weren't as friendly or welcoming and they didn't even bother suggesting dishes even though we kept on asking what's this and that. And oh, they don't carry Carmen's Best ice cream anymore and have their own soft serve. Kinda expensive at 100Php per cone!

3 out of 5 Stars for Bucky's Counter Poblacion!

--- Bucky's Counter: 5666 Don Pedro St., Poblacion, Makati City

***you can also find them here: JJACC Bldg., 169 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

Bucky's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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