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Our Saturday #PoblacionFoodCrawl officially started here, our meet-up point, Bean & Yolk. We were here around 9AM and the sun was shining brightly. Such a perfect weather to start the weekend with foodie friends.

Bean & Yolk Poblacion, Makati
Bean & Yolk - Poblacion, Makati

The place was brightly lit with lots of natural sunlight peeping through the glass wall. Unfinished walls, open kitchen, lots of wood installations, tiled floor - the place gives a very relaxed and laid back vibe. 

Bean & Yolk Restaurant details
A peek at Bean & Yolk in Poblacion, Makati

Though their space was small, with just about 4 tables and a tall long one with high chairs, they added some more outside if you opt to dine alfresco style. It can get really cramped when it's full so it's not an ideal place for big groups.  But then again it's a great place for a quiet breakfast with your loved one.

Bean & Yolk Menu
Bean & Yolk Menu

Onto the food, their menu was simple. Eight types of egg sandwiches and then a list of their specialty coffee, both hot and cold. Very straight forward but one can easily understand this because it seems that they don't have a kitchen where they can whip-up complicated dishes. Anyhow, if you love eggs for breakfast, or anytime of the day, you must visit this place!

Bean & Yolk Restaurant details
The mean coffee machine!

The store was manned by the owners themselves - Papoy, who takes the orders and serves them, and Chukoy, who is behind the counter for payments and supervision of the "kitchen." 

Breakfast at Bean & Yolk
Trio of sandwiches and a good cup of Joe!

They're very warm and friendly and helped us out with our orders. Papoy suggested their best sellers so we went with them - Cara's Fave, Farmer John and Missus. I also got an order of their hot B&Y Mocha.

B&Y Mocha
B&Y Mocha for 175Php

Their B&Y Mocha was good! The coffee flavor wasn't too strong nor bitter. They use Malagos Dark Chocolate mixed with milk chocolate to give it a not too strong chocolate finish. I LOVED IT. The chocolate flavor was just right, the sweetness was on point. 

B&Y Mocha
A second cup of B&Y Mocha

This reminded me so much of Magnum Opus' Belgian Heart Breaker! Papoy confessed that their coffee consultant was in fact one of the owners of Magnum Opus! Isn't that amazing?!? My friend, Jai, also got this coffee and he loved it so much that he went for seconds!

Cara's Fave
Cara's Fave for 175Php

Cara's Fave was the simplest of all the sandwiches we ordered. Toasted slice of buttered brioche with fried egg, mozzarella, cheddar cheese and hot honey. This looked so much like a grilled cheese sandwich. One bite and I fell in love. Simple, clean, savory, sweet - ahhh so good! The honey gave a great contrast to the cheese and made this sandwich a knockout. Gooey cheese, runny egg and a drizzle of honey - perfect!

Farmer John
Farmer John for 195Php

Farmer John adds meat to Cara's Fave and substitutes the honey with caramelized onions. Toasted buttered brioche with cheddar cheese, ham, bbq mayo and caramelized onions - this was a crowd favorite. The saltiness of the ham went well with the sweetness of the onions. Each bite was a delight!

Missus from Bean & Yolk
Missus for 185Php

Lots of flavors going on in this sandwich. Sweetness from the caramelized onions, bitterness from the arugula, saltiness from the cheese, a hint of spice from the sriracha mayo! The toasted brioche bun gave a perfect contrast to the soft egg. You can opt to add some meat into this though with extra charge - ham or bacon for an additional of 65Php or chorizo pattie for 95Php. Also, a side salad is available as an option for only 30Php for every order of sandwich.

Bean & Yolk Poblacion, Makati
Trivia: they use organic eggs ONLY for each and every sandwich!

I totally loved our breakfast here. More than just the great food and coffee, it's really the customer service that stood out. It's simply heart warming when you see the owners so hands on with their business. Will definitely bring the family here soon!

5 out of 5 Stars for Bean & Yolk!

--- Bean & Yolk: Bel Air Soho Suites, Polaris St., Poblacion, Makati City

Bean & Yolk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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