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Sunnies Cafe, a business extension of the famous Sunnies Studios, has recently opened it's doors to the public. Located in Bonifacio High Street, just beside Pound, this posh cafe is a collaboration between FooDee Global Concepts and the celebrity owners of Sunnies Specs! Yes, talk about Georgina Wilson here and her partners!

Sunnies Cafe BGC
Sunnies Cafe, BGC

Todd English Food Hall, Pound, Tim Ho Wan, llaollao and Mesa are some of the restaurants of FooDee Global Concepts. With this collaboration, you're sure that you'll not only get a posh and cutesy cafe but also a restaurant offering good to excellent food!

Sunnies Cafe High Street
Some table details

Two days after officially opening, I dragged the husband and the eldest daughter to Bonifacio High Street for a late Tuesday lunch. It was packed and we were put on a wait list. We didn't have to wait for a long time though - in less than 5 minutes, we got a table!

Restaurant details of Sunnies Cafe
A look inside Sunnies Cafe!

Soft hues of pastels matched with loud and colorful carpet, that's what you'll see inside. They also used a lot of wood installations from walls to ceiling! A bar area, some faux greenery and huge drop lamps - each corner was well thought of.

Checking their menu, we gave the following a try ---

Stovetop Pork Chops
Stovetop Pork Chops for 370Php

A piece of thick pork chop that was brined for to days, cooked to medium doneness, served with crisp French Beans, roasted marble potatoes and scallion brown rice - this was hubby's choice. 

Stovetop Pork Chops from Sunnies Cafe
A closer look at this mighty piece of pork chop!

The pork chop was smothered with thick and tasty barbecue sauce and it was good. Nothing exceptional though, the meat was tender and was flavorful.

Spaghetti al Funghi
Spaghetti al Funghi for 260Php

This was my choice - al dente spaghetti with a rich sauce that had a nice garlic kick! It was topped with a 65-degree egg that was very runny. Mix it in with the pasta and you'll get a very rich and smooth oil based sauce. 

Spaghetti al Funghi from Sunnies Cafe
Take a look at that runny egg and the thick pasta!

There was also a good heaping of kinoko mushrooms in it. I loved this! So simple yet really delicious!

Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and Waffles for 260Php

My daughter asked for Chicken and Waffles. The waffle had a nice crisp from the outside and was soft and warm inside. I wish though that it was a little thicker. The chicken was yummy! Fried country-style, the breading was crunchy and flavorful and the chicken portion was super tender and juicy! 

Chicken and Waffles from Sunnies Cafe
A closer look at this plate!

This dish also has a nice runny sunny-side up egg with some touch of truffle. Served with a spicy maple syrup, you can request for a non-spicy version for your child since they just sprinkled the syrup with chili powder. My daughter enjoyed this!

Charlie's Golden Ticket
Charlie's Golden Ticket for 190Php

Cherienne also asked for a milkshake and since she loves Milo, we tried Charlie's Golden Ticket. 

Charlie's Golden Ticket from Sunnies Cafe
That milkshake!

Chocolate chip ice cream blended with Milo and Malted Milk and topped with whipped cream. It was smooth and thick! You'll also get some chocolate chips bits to much on.

Sunnies Funfetti
Sunnies Funfetti for 290Php

Then we claimed the free dessert - Sunnies Funfetti! Cubes of tres leches cake drenched in more sweet milk and topped with birthday sprinkles - lovely! It's also served with a scoop of vanilla bourbon ice creamed drizzled with caramel sauce and plated with torched marshmallow on the side. 

Sunnies Funfetti from Sunnies Cafe
A plate of happiness!

This was awesome! It's amazing how it's not too sweet! The cake cubes were moist and milky and this is best enjoyed by making sure that you've got a little bit of everything in a spoonful!

Store details of Sunnies Cafe
Some more details of Sunnies Cafe!

Overall, it was a good experience. Customer service was great! Our server was on the lookout for whatever we needed - water refill, extra tissue, extra maple syrup, etc etc. It was so easy to call his attention. I think they've also trained their staff to converse in English though there were times that I opted to talk to our server in Tagalog coz he was already having a hard time. Thumbs up for the super effort though! 

Definitely going back to try more of their dishes and maybe try their coffee too. Eyeing on the Baked Squid Ink Lasagna, Ricotta Hotcakes and Pumpkin Puree. 

4 out of 5 Stars for Sunnies Cafe!

--- Sunnies Cafe:B3, Bonifacio High Street, 11th Ave. cor. 28th St., BGC, Taguig City

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