La Maripili Churreria - A Second Time

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 19 August 2016 | 12:10

Went back to La Maripili on a weekend and made sure that we were there earlier than last time. I wanted to see if time is a factor when it comes to their service and food quality. 5PM and the place wasn't packed but there were a lot of people.

La Maripili Churreria Alabang Town Center
My second visit at La Maripili!

I ordered right away and got their Classic Churros with Chocolate Dip, Churros with Sweet Filling and Churros with Savory Toppings.

Classic Churros from La Maripili Churreria
Six pieces of Classic Churros for 60Php and Chocolate Dip for 110Php

I was anxious to see if they have changed their runny chocolate dip into a thick one as described by a friend. I got 6 pieces Classic Churros plus chocolate dip. Oh wow! The dip was thick indeed! It was super thick, actually, more like chocolate spread in consistency. 

Classic Churros with Chocolate Dip from La Maripili Churreria
Would you look at that thick chocolate dip!

It still had that dark chocolate taste, not super sweet and some sour notes. I loved it this time! 4oz of this dip was too much for 6 pieces so I needed to get 6 pieces more. The kids loved this combo too!

I got three flavors from their Churros with Sweet Filling selection - Dulce de Leche, Catalan Cream and Coconut Cream. I was eyeing on the one with Chocolate and Chili Mousse too but it wasn't available. Churro was about 4 inches and expensive at 60Php EACH!

Churros filled with Sweet Filling from La Maripili Churreria
Churros filled with sweet stuff!

Dulce de Leche was good but wasn't as thick as I wanted it to be. I'd still go for La Lola's Dulce de Leche Xuxos. I was looking for a sweeter, more luscious dulce de leche.

Catalan Creme Churro from La Maripili Churreria
Dulce de Leche and Catalan Cream filled Churros

Catalan Cream was described by one of their staff as bavarian like so I got it BUT it was not!!! It was more like buttery and sweet - like a butterball candy of sort. So, I searched Google and found out that it should be more like Creme Brulee. Urgh!

Coconut Cream filled Churro from La Maripili Churreria
Coconut Cream Filled Churro!

Coconut cream was super good but maybe because I like coconut milk or gata to begin with. It was bursting with coconut milk goodness but this one was a little sweet.

Chorizo with Honey Churro from La Maripili Churreria
Chorizo with Honey Churro for 60Php per Piece

We also tried the Chorizo with Honey and Jamon Serrano. Hubby and I LOVED the Chorizo with honey! Perfect combination of sweet and savory. Loved how the sweetness of the honey went so well the tasty and salty chorizo slices! So good we went for seconds!

Jamon Serrano Churro from La Maripili Churreria
Jamon Serrano Churro for 60Php per Piece

The Jamon Serrano was topped with cherry tomato slices. This was just okay. The ham itself was good though overall, nothing wow.

La Maripili Churreria Alabang
Lovely drop lamps and overall interior!

Service was surprisingly top notch during this visit. They were all smiles, friendly and really helpful. Maybe it was a bad day when we visited last time? Or was it because they were already tired, wanting to go home since we went an hour before closing? Anyhow, we had a great time during our second visit.

4 out of 5 Stars for La Maripili Churreria!

--- La Maripili Churreria: G/F ATC Corporate Center, Commerce Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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