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Back at Sunnies Cafe after a week for a sponsored dinner - Sunnies Cafe x looloo! We were set to meet Eric Dee and his lovely wife, Kidd Tan Dee. Pleasant and friendly as ever, they welcomed us into their restaurant and made us feel very comfortable. 

Sunnies Cafe BGC
Welcome to Sunnies Cafe!

They prepared a feast for us and had us choose our drinks from their list of cocktails, milkshakes and other beverages.

Regina George Cocktail from Sunnies Cafe BGC

I started off with a glass of cocktail - Regina George! Talk about Mean Girls, this glass had lovely and girly hues of red. Rum, lemon and lime juice, banana liqueur, ginger syrup and grenadine - I didn't like it that much though because the alcohol was too much and too strong for me but I'm not really a drinker and have low tolerance for alcohol. Maybe next time I'll request for less of the rum.

My friends tried other cocktails and they were pretty satisfied.

Milk of the Poppy Cocktail from Sunnies Cafe BGC

Milk of the Poppy (gin, Yakult, lime juice, lemon juice and egg white)

El Chapo Cocktail from Sunnies Cafe BGC

El Chapo (tequila, cointreau, calamansi juice, hazelnut syrup, chili and sea salt) 

Then came in the small plates ---

Skinny Fries from Sunnies Cafe BGC
Skinny Fries for 190Php

Shoestring Fries topped with fried basil, drizzled with truffle oil and served with sriracha aioli. 

Skinny Fries from Sunnies Cafe BGC

I loved the hint of truffle oil! It didn't overpower the saltiness of the fries and it'll leave you wanting to munch some more.

Spicy Calamari from Sunnies Cafe BGC
Spicy Calamari for 180Php

Deep fried squid rings that had the right crunch, sprinkled with spiced salt and served with garlic and sriracha aioli. 

Spicy Calamari from Sunnies Cafe BGC

They were chewy but not rubbery. Perfect!

Crispy Tacos from Sunnies BGC
Crispy Tacos for 270Php

Oh these little babies - they captured my heart! Three small tacos filled with asada steak and cilantro cream sauce, topped with fried quail eggs - I can eat two orders of these! The homemade parmesan taco shells were so good! They were crispy and had this certain texture that I loved! The addition of parmesan cheese into the tacos was a genius hack since it gave them a certain salty savory taste.

Chicken Wings from Sunnies Cafe BGC
Chicken Wings for 290Php

Perfectly deep fried with a crunchy coating and tender meat, the breading was a little sweeter than I wanted it to be and it tasted exactly like the chicken from their Chicken and Waffles dish that I tried during my first visit.

Whole Roasted Cauliflower from Sunnies Cafe BGC
Whole Roasted Cauliflower for 340Php

Oh this was good! Not much of a cauliflower fan but I loved this! Fresh cauliflower that was fried then grilled, the piquillo pepper sauce with chorizo bits, salsa and cilantro that smothered this veggie made it a winner. 

We also tried both soups from their menu --

Pumpkin Puree from Sunnies Cafe BGC
Pumpkin Puree for 150Php

Oh this was lovely - like a warm hug on a rainy day! Creamy and rich pumpkin soup with bits of grilled shrimps and squid, served with gruyere toast on the side, I loved the characteristic flavor from the added seafood.

Tomato Creme from Sunnies Cafe
Tomato Creme for 120Php

This one was just okay. Basic tomato soup - roasted vine-ripe tomatoes and onion creme served with a crisp gruyere toast.

For salads, we tried the following --

Steak Lime from Sunnies Cafe
Steak Lime for 270Php

Sous vide hanger steak slices on a bed of mixed greens, topped with crispy shallots, red bell pepper, 65-degree egg and cilantro aioli. Tender steak, crisp greens and runny egg - this was good!

Shrimp Kale Bowl from Sunnies Cafe
Shrimp Kale Bowl for 260Pphp

My favorite though was the Shrimp Kale Bowl. Grilled shrimps with kale, mixed greens, pickled red onions, chili, quinoa in a soy sesame dressing. 

Shrimp Kale Bowl from Sunnies Cafe BGC

It was light and refreshing and had a nutty and a little citrus kick. 

For pasta, we had the following --

Spaghetti al Funghi from Sunnies Cafe BGC
Spaghetti al Funghi for 260Php

Lovely Spaghetti al Funghi! It's my favorite here. Strong garlic, nice mushroom flavor, al dente spaghetti - nothing but delicious!

Spicy Pomodoro
Spicy Pomodoro for 270Php

Linguini in pomodoro sauce with mixed seafood, white anchovies, lemon, parsley and parmesan cheese. Pomodoro is not my thing so this was just okay for me though the sauce was rich, somewhat sour specially with the kick of citrus.

Baked Squid Ink Lasagna from Sunnies Cafe
Baked Squid Ink Lasagna for 350Php

This was one of the items that I was eyeing during my first visit. I made that dream a reality this time. It was served nicely in a casserole, freshly baked and smelled so good. I love squid ink anything so I was excited for this. 

Baked Squid Ink Lasagna from Sunnies Cafe BGC

But then again, this was just okay. It was too sour for my liking. I was expecting it to be more creamy and salty. It was also topped with fried squid rings. Not something I will order next time. 

Pan-Seared Miso Salmon from Sunnies Cafe
Pan-Seared Miso Salmon for 470Php

I loved this one! Must order for salmon lovers! A slab of miso-glazed salmon that was cooked perfectly - pinkish, tasty, salty and umami-liscious! This was served on a bed of scallion brown rice and simple salad on the side.

Camarones al Ajillo from Sunnies Cafe
Camarones al Ajillo for 460Php

We also got to try the Camarones al Ajillo. Garlic butter roasted shrimp served with black bean puree, salsa and cilantro lime rice - this was just okay. Didn't eat a lot coz I enjoyed the salmon so much!

Then dessert came, my favorite part of all! We tried three out of their four desserts.

Sunnies Funfetti from Sunnies Cafe
Sunnies Funfetti for 290Php

This was the free dessert during their first week. 

Sunnies Funfetti from Sunnies Cafe BGC

I loved this and fell in love with it again during this visit. You have to try this!

Chocohoe from Sunnies Cafe
Chocohoe for 400Php

This is their version of chocolate lava. Molten chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate pudding, chocolate ganache and a side serving of vanilla ice cream - ohhh this smelled super good when it was served, fresh out of the oven! This was screaming dark chocolate in every spoonful. 

Chocohoe from Sunnies Cafe BGC

Super rich and decadent, it's good but it was too much for me. Best consumed with a dollop of cold vanilla ice cream to tone down the dark chocolate taste that had this deep bitter and sour notes.

Black Bottom Banana Creme Pie from Sunnies Cafe
Black Bottom Banana Creme Pie for 340Php

I'm such a fan of banana creme pie and I'm so glad this did not disappoint! There's something with the mixture of fresh bananas and silky cream that I love! 

Black Bottom Banana Creme Pie from Sunnies Cafe BGC

This pie was oreo-crusted, filled with fresh banana slices, smooth cream and finished off with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and chunks of toffee/caramel crunch that added sweetness and texture to the dessert. Loved this!

Flat White from Sunnies Cafe
Flat White for 140Php

Since Sunnies Cafe was such a good host that night, they even let us end the feast with either coffee or tea. I tried their flat white and it was okay. Strong coffee, right proportion of milk - nothing wow but it was good.

Sunnies Cafe BGC

Gosh, it was such a fun night! Sunnies Cafe has so much to offer. From breakfast to cocktails, this all day brunch restaurant is a sure hit no matter what time of the day! They're open from 11AM to 11PM but will launch their "Breakfast Weekends" soon to cater to early birds and morning people! Not only that, their Megamall branch is also set to open in about 3 weeks!

Sunnies Cafe is starting to be one of my favorites in BGC!

4 out of 5 Stars for Sunnies Cafe!

--- Sunnies Cafe: B3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 

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