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Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 3 August 2016 | 14:09

Passed by the used to be location of Kitchen in Greenbelt 3 the other day and I can't help but reminisce good times spent with friends and family there. Then I remembered that I made a looloo entry about it way back in 2013 but never had the chance to log it in here - urgh blame it to busy corporate days! Today, I decided to log this forever in my blog. 

I miss Kitchen! 


Rustic and sophisticated. That's how Kitchen should be described. Ample lighting, chandeliers in the bathroom and even in each cubicle, simple furnishings in the dining area and very attentive staff right in the heart of Greenbelt - it's the perfect setting for a rainy late lunch that requires no rush.

I remember Kitchen from way back college. We would always hang out there. The setting was just so barkada friendly with bench type cushioned chairs and rectangular lamps hanging on top of each table. Their menu was also interesting with unusual names of dishes, but with description if course.

We tried the following --

Roll Up Ypur Sleeves from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Roll Up Your Sleeves - rolled sandwich with tuna and alfalfa. Yummy! 

Roll Up Your Sleeves from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

The alfalfa sprouts gave the sandwich a refreshing twist. The tuna didn't really taste like canned and the dressing was just right.

Cups and Rolls from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Cups and Rolls - lettuce wraps! Crunchy and somewhat sweet filling sitting on top of crisp and fresh cups of iceberg lettuce, served with a salty and a tad but spicy sauce!  PF Chang's still has the best lettuce wrap but this one had a fighting chance.

Sun Dried Pasta from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Sun Dried Pasta - penne with their signature pesto sauce, topped with tuyo flakes. The pesto flavor was a little strong - just the way I liked it. The tuyo flakes were salty, blending nicely with the pesto sauce. This was the order of hubby but since it was too good, I needed to order one for myself.

Jealous Sweetheart from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Jealous Sweetheart - green tea cheesecake! Whiw! I was so excited for this! The menu described it as something made with real cream cheese on graham crust. When it was served, I was surprised that it was too small and thin. Got more frustrated with the taste - no green tea taste at all! Okay, maybe I was wrong to think that they used macha because of the color. So, I'm guessing they used just the plain green tea. The texture was different too. Don't think it was baked. It was too soft - almost gelatin like. Booooo!

Cool It! Iced Tea from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Cool It! - bottomless mint iced tea served with crushed ice! Okay, this one was really refreshing and had a brewed taste to it. The mint, though, was hiding. It was more sweet than minty! In any case, I enjoyed it and gulped about 4 glasses... errr not all by myself though... I secretly shared it with hubby! 

Frozen Passion from Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Frozen Passion - red grape shake for the little one!

Kitchen has been in that spot in Greenbelt for more than a decade now but their food quality and service did not change. It was really nice to be acquainted with an old favorite!

5 out of 5 Stars for Kitchen!

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  1. It's 2017 and I'm still craving for Kitchen.
    Felt so good to stumble upon your article!
    Brings back so many memories.

    I wonder what happened to it.
    Or if the owner opened a new Kitchen somewhere.


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