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Pizza is a well loved dish by almost every single person I know! How can you resist the gooey cheese, the toppings and all the calories in there?!? Pan pizza, deep dish pizza, thin crust pizza, you name it! I've been seeing pictures of this pizzeria that opened in Uptown Place Mall around December of last year and have been meaning to try it out. Never had the chance though that's why I was so happy when Peanut of looloo sent an invite for a pizza party dinner! Peperoni Pizzeria x looloo?!? YES YES!!!

Peperoni Pizzeria BGC
All we KNEAD is LOVE

I didn't let the rain nor the traffic hinder me and I got to the location just in time. I was welcomed by Mikee, marketing head, and Andrew Chan, the owner/president, himself. Can I just say that he was a very simple guy and was very fun to talk to?!? And very young too! Seriously, he was so friendly and accommodating, it felt like he was a fellow foodie!

Peperoni Pizzeria BGC
Pizza party!!!

We got to chat a lot and found out that Peperoni Pizzeria is a franchise from SG. It was actually one of Andrew's favorite pizza place when he was still finishing his undergraduate course in SG. He was so passionate about Peperoni Pizzeria and since he was a regular customer before, he knew almost every tidbit of their products - the ingredients, the method of cooking, the taste, his favorites, etc etc. He told us that the Les Amis Group chanced upon his father, owner of CMG Philippines that carries CLN, and partnered with them to bring the brand here. Isn't it cool how a former patron became a franchise owner in his country? 

Interiors of Peperoni Pizzeria in BGC

The place was brightly lit and has a relaxed and chill vibe with choice interiors. Industrial design with drop lamps, shelves filled with wine, specialty beers, huge tomato sauce cans, pasta filled jars, pizza boxes and some faux greens - it was simple, casual but stylish! 

Restaurant details of Peperoni Pizzeria PH

They were able to properly mix materials for texture and contrast - wood, metal, bricks, unfinished walls - resulting to overall clean interiors.

Restaurant details of Peperoni Pizzeria BGC

Splashes of colors and here and there add to the lively vibe of the place!

Restaurant details of Peperoni Pizzeria BGC

They also had clean white walls that served as canvass for some framed pictures. 

Andrew prepared a feast for us. We started off with some appetizers --

Calamari Fritti from Peperoni Pizzeria
Calamari Fritti for 355Php

No fuss deep fried squid rings that were crunchy outside with that perfect golden brown color. Loved that the squid was perfectly cooked - tender and easy to chew. Came in with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce. Perfect starter! 

Funghi Portobello con Pollo from Peperoni Pizzeria PH
Funghi Portobello con Pollo for 455Php

I'm not much of a mushroom lover because I've been fed too much canned button mushrooms when I was young but I'm slowly loving em mushrooms now (except for canned button mushrooms, im sarry). I was kinda skeptical with this appetizer but what the, I still dove into it and I'm happy to report that I LOVED IT! 

Funghi Portobello con Pollo from Peperoni Pizzeria PH
A closer look at this lovely appetizer!

Whole Portobello mushroom that has been deep-fried, I love the crunch from the breading. This was served on a bed of greens, topped with sauteed chicken fillet in a red wine sauce. Chicken was tender and the sauce was so good! A contrast of sweet and salty, the red wine sauce was the perfect pair to the mushroom.

Onto the Pasta, we were able to try the Aglio Olio e Peperoncino and Andrew got a bowl of Carbonara when the last batch of loolooers came in. 

Aglio Olio e Peperoncino
Aglio Olio e Peperoncino for 340Php

This pasta is so simple, no meat, no need for cream or tomato sauce, but when it's done right, it could steal the show! Good thing Peperoni's version did not disappoint! It was so good I could eat an entire serving all by myself! Al dente pasta, olive oil, garlic and red chili - that's it! Just the right garlic kick, just enough black pepper and herbs, just the right amount of olive oil plus the spiciness was on point. Yummy!

Carbonara from  Peperoni Pizzeria PH
Carbonara for 445Php

Carbonara is the safest pasta you can order when you see it in the menu. Peperoni's Carbonara is a bacon lover's dream come true! Al dente pasta in a light cream sauce with LOTS OF BACON!!! Seriously, there's just a lot. It's creamy and salty delicious! Sure hit for kids as well.

Peperoni Pizzeria Pizza Flavors
Medium  9" Pizza for 380Php | Large 12" Pizza for 565Php | XXL 21" for 1250Php

Onto their pizza - fifteen flavors, thin crust and baked in a wood-fire brick oven. According to Andrew, this ensures that each pizza will cook fast and evenly. Also, all of their pizza flavors are priced equally to give people the chance to choose what they really want instead of choosing based on the price. Genius! You can also combine up to two flavors in one!

Of all the variants, Bacon Miele and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma were my favorites.

Bacon Miele Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

The Bacon Miele was the only white cheese pizza in their menu. With a base of gouda cheese instead of the usual tomato sauce, this pizza was loaded with smokey bacon chunks, fresh oregano and just the right amount of honey to give it it's signature sweet and savory contrast. 

Bacon Miele from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

I loved every bit of this and even searched through the boxes to make sure that I'll bring the extra slices home!

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma is your best bet if you want the ultimate bang for your buck! It has all the expensive ingredients - prosciutto crudo (oh my gosh my favorite!!!), which is the uncooked version of prosciutto, mozzarella, cheddar cheese and a nice rocket salad - arugula and fresh shavings of Parmesan cheese. I loved the contrast of sweet, salty and bitter flavors and each bite will give you a good portion of the each ingredient.

Diavola Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Diavola is next in my list. Not a Pepperoni Pizza kind of gal because I find it boring with no other ingredients going on but I must admit that Peperoni's version changed my mind. They obviously didn't scrimp on the good stuff - loads of pepperoni slices, gooey mozzarella and the tomato base had this distinct freshness in it that didn't taste like your ordinary tomato sauce. It was somewhat sweet and sour at the same time. 

Pancetta Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Pancetta was something different. It's more like your "breakfast" pizza because it has soft egg in the middle surrounded by tomatoes and pancetta which is basically like bacon. It was kinda weird to be honest. You have to break and spread out the soft egg before taking a slice. It was like eating my favorite childhood breakfast - toast with ketchup and mashed sunny side-up egg. It's good but not something that everyone will like.

Pancetta Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Just a little note, pancetta = cured pork belly. When the pork belly is smoked after being cured, then, that's bacon. Prosciutto is cured ham, usually sliced thinly and served uncooked. 

Quattro Formaggi Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Least favorite was the Quattrro Formaggi. Maybe because I like my four cheese pizza in a white sauce rather than red. This has mozzarella, taleggio, scarmoza and gorgonzola cheese which stood out as expected. 

Now my favorite part of all - DESSERT!!! We tried three out of the six in their menu.

Tortino al Cioccolato
Tortino al Cioccolato for 365Php

My top dessert for the night! Warm chocolate cake that wasn't too heavy nor too light but still with a rich chocolate flavor, baked with a molten center. 

Tortino al Cioccolato from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Each spoonful was oozing with chocolaty goodness. 

Tortino al Cioccolato from Peperoni Pizzeria PH

Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream to break the chocolate flavor monotony a little and you're good to go. 

Tiramisu from Peperoni Pizzeria PH
Tiramisu for 275Php

Not bad at all! I'm no Tiramisu expert and I've only tried a couple but I liked Peperoni's version. Savoiardi Lady Fingers soaked in a mixture of aromatic coffee with kahlua, layered with a rich and creamy mascarpone. It's plated nicely with some fresh strawberry slices, strawberry syrup and a dusting of cocoa powder. This could have been knockout if it had a stronger coffee and liquor taste.

Crème Brûlée
Crème Brûlée for 240Php

I would like to love this one because the vanilla bean custard had a nice vanilla flavor in it, creamy and smooth but it was just too runny for a crème brûlée. Would have been best if it was a little solid or firm. 

Overall, I loved our dinner at Peperoni Pizzeria. Andrew was such a generous host that he had us bring home boxes of pizza! Excited to bring my family here! And oh, good news for foodies living in the QC area! They are set to open a branch in UP Town Center this coming September!

5 out of 5 Stars for Peperoni Pizzeria!

--- Peperoni Pizzeria: 3/F Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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