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Caramia - Banana Blast

Written By clapalisoc on Saturday 18 June 2011 | 21:55

Gelato, I think, is the next big thing after Froyo. If you've noticed, Gelato stores are starting to invade every corner of malls and other food places. People are attracted to their different colors and playful flavors as vendors display them in classy glass freezers. 

According to my research, Gelato is an ancient Italian dessert which contains less butterfat than it's recent variety known as ice cream. One of the earliest Gelato vendor that I know, coming from college, is Fiorgelato. Another store that has been in the market, even before Gelato vendors came sprouting like mushrooms, is Cara Mia. Usually, you can see Cara Mia, or "My Dear" in Italian, inside Amici. 

Cara Mia's Gelatos are one of the best in the market. They are smooth, creamy and rich in flavor with out the somewhat rough and bitter after taste that some other Gelato brands leave behind.

Slice of Banana Blast - 95 php
 My favorite among their Gelato selection is Banana Blast. It's actually an ice cream cake made up of three different Gelato flavors - strawberry, banana & chocolate. Scoops of these three Gelato treats are seated on a thin layer of chocolate cake, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped thin chocolate slices and frozen strawberry fruits. The combination of all these is heavenly! It's also surprisingly not too sweet. One slice is not enough and you'll definitely ask for more!

Whole cake of Banana Blast! - 630 php
Me and my Banana Blast from my Team :)


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