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Written By clapalisoc on Monday 20 June 2011 | 11:56

I have been a fan of yogurt ever since BTIC. I would even buy as much Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt whenever I have the money way back in college. So, when froyo was born, I was one of the happiest person in the world and dessert was almost spelled out as f-r-o-y-o for me. In the attempt to try all available froyo in the country, we came across Tutti Frutti in Robinson's Manila late last year.

Yeah, i know that this blog is a little too late since the market is already shifting to gelato & tea goodness but I'm a little too happy about how my daughter, Cherienne, and I share this love for Tutti Frutti.

So, I bet everyone is familiar of how Tutti Frutti does their business - self serve froyo where you have the freedom to choose 1) cup size 2) froyo flavor/s 3) toppings. After enjoying your moment of freedom, you go to the cashier, where a weighing scale is waiting, and have your cup weighed and then surprise! Your bill is more than what you have expected. :) Since they will charge you per ounce , 20php per ounce as of this writing, you'll never really know how much you'll have to pay until the cashier tells you so. This concept is really good since most froyo vendors have a fixed price depending on the size and additional charge for every topping. The experience is fun, giving justice to the price.

Their froyo flavors are actually good. They serve different varieties depending on the location. One thing that's notable though is that the texture of their froyo is a little bit rough and is more icy than creamy. But what the heck! Cherienne and I still get excited every time we see a Tutti Frutti store. :D

Here are what we've tried so far....

Our first time! Death by Chocolate topped with almonds. This cup is around 190 php.

Death by Chocolate is super! Rich, dark chocolate that is not too sweet. Of all of their varieties that we've tried, this one is creamy and has a somewhat smooth texture than the rest. 

This is our Strawberry froyo topped with almonds, again, for about 150php.
Their strawberry froyo tastes like srawberry candy, which is not what I have expected. I was looking for a strawberry milkshake like taste just like the one being served by Yoh Gurt Froz. But true enough, this is more of your strawberry fruit like taste.

Green Tea Macha swirled with Vanilla and topped with almonds. This cup is around 130php.
If you like the Green Tea frappe of Starbucks, and I do, you will definitely like this one too. The characteristic bitter taste of green tea is strong in this variant but mixing it with their Vanilla flavored froyo will give you with almost the same Starbucks goodness.

Another Death by chocolate cup but this time it's topped with fresh strawberries. This is around 120php

Taro swirled with Original Tart and topped with almonds. This cup is around 150php.
My favorite of all flavors so far is this one, Taro. I actually get the feeling that I'm eating ice cream. It reminds me so much of another favorite, Quickly!

Their Original Tart is not as sour as the other brands and is not as tart as well. It is actually a kid friendly variety that can be offered to little ones even without toppings. 

Cherienne, with her daddy, enjoying her first Tutti Frutti cup in Rob Place Manila

Being independent while enjoying her froyo in Glorietta

Totally in control of her cup! In SM Hyper Market, Tiendesitas

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the new design of Tutti Frutti's cups

Tutti Frutti Toppings and Weigh & Pay counters in SM Hyper Market, Pasig

Oh yeah, that's me! Tutti Frutti self-serve froyo dispensers at the back :p

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  1. tutti frutti! do you still frequent robinson's manila? text me, let's meet when i'm not on duty. :) -ninang aimee

  2. I heard wala na daw Tutti Frutti sa Rob? :( is it true?


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