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Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 9 June 2011 | 21:14

Hubby & I have tried out breakfast at Cafe Mary Grace and we fell in love with the food, ambiance and customer service. We promised to come back and try out their menu for lunch/dinner. So, one hot summer night, after a whole day of shopping for Cherienne's birthday celebration, we decided to stop by Cafe Mary Grace in Serendra for dinner. The place was even lovelier at night. The place was very well lit with accents of Christmas lights.The place was full, just like when we had breakfast. As I've said in my other blog about Cafe Mary Grace, being inside the resto is like being inside a Papemelroti store - scrapbookish feeling! Notes and letters of appreciation and kudos are tucked under the glass top of their tables and books are all over the place for customers to read.

Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra @ night
One of their table centerpiece
Take a look at the table top! And the books at the back too!
Looking at the menu, they do not serve any rice meals during lunch/dinner. But they do serve hearty soups, pasta, pizza, salads and delectable desserts! Oh, and they also have homemade iced teas.

Sea food Chowder - 138 php
This is Cherienne's soup. It's creamy and rich in flavor with generous serving of seafood and vegetables. Cherienne loved it! She even dipped the bread, that came with the soup, into the bowl and enjoyed her dinner. She almost finished the whole bowl! Take note of the bowl - it's not your usual ceramic white bowl but rather it looks as if it came from an arts and craft store.

Spanish Sardines & Olives Pasta - 212php
Since I'm tired of the good 'ol tomato and cream based pastas, I got myself this one. Aglio e olio pasta with Spanish sardines. It also has tomatoes, mushrooms and olives to add color and lemon to finish it off with a citrusy taste. This one is also spicy which I think is due to the sardines. I must tell you, I am more than satisfied!

Smoked Salmon and Cream - 251 php
Here is what hubby got for himself - a cream based pasta. The taste of the salmon is notable since you can really tell that it is smoked. Not a fan of cream based pasta but this one is a must try for salmon lovers.

Forgot the name - around 400ish php
Here is the small bowl of fresh basil leaves
Pizzas are the addition to their menu and we tried this one. Crust was delightfully thin with a powdery finish. This has pepperoni, chorizo and mushrooms on top of tomato and generous heaping of mozzarella cheese. It was the first time that I've seen a pizza served with fresh herb - in this case, basil.

Peach Perfect - 76 php
Peppermint & Fruits Iced Tea - 76 php
Little girl, Cherienne, enjoying the iced tea
For drinks, we tried the other homemade teas that they serve - Peppermint and Fruits & Peach Perfect. The last time, we tried Sangria & Wild Raspberry. Their teas are refreshing since they were made from freshly brewed teas mixed with fruit juices. Definitely worth trying!

Cheese Roll - 42 php
For dessert, hubby tried their famous Cheese Roll. The bread was light and soft with huge chunk of cheese inside. Best cheese roll we've tasted so far!

Apple Pie Ala Mode - 115 php
On the other hand, I gave their Apple Pie a try, ala mode. This is an old fashioned Apple Pie with chunks and chunks of a apples inside that are still crunchy to the bite. The crust is almost unnoticeable and the cinnamon blended well with the vanilla ice cream.

It was a sumptuous dinner overall and we will definitely go back again and again.

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