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Written By clapalisoc on Saturday 25 June 2011 | 04:48

My love for cinnamon rolls was born when I was in college. Cinnzeo is actually the culprit. Cinnzeo is a Cinnabon-like store that offers a friendly atmosphere to students and to those who are looking for a place to sit back, relax and enjoy chitchat with dear friends. Since my school and my apartment was just around the neighborhood of Robinson's Place Manila, I would always look for a place to study in the mall. Cinnzeo became my choice over Cinnabon since their place was all set up for a cozy after school study afternoon, much like Starbucks, while Cinnabon only had a takeout store with a couple of tables and chairs lined along the mall's walkway. When all of the Cinnzeo stores closed out in the country, I was left with Cinnabon for my cinnamon roll cravings. Good thing, the products of both stores are equally great!

Cinnabon stores are slowly diminishing in numbers. Most can only be found in gas stations along the expressways. Because of this, they have become inaccessible to me. Last weekend, we were on our way to Tagaytay. We needed to gas up so we had a stop over Shell along SLEX. Hubby spotted Cinnabon and since RCBC had this promo going on, we have kept a couple of credit card charge slips to use and abuse for free Cinnabon drinks.

Mochalatta Icescape
Strawbery Chillatta
I asked hubby to get me a Mochalatta Icescape and he got himself a Starwberry Chillatta. Super refreshing drinks! Rich Mocha and Strawberry tastes complimented by the whipped cream and syrup drizzled. We got both for free, priced at around 135 php each, which is a really really good deal. Thanks RCBC!

Mini Chocobon - around 90php
Since the experience will never be complete without a cinnamon roll, hubby got me a Mini Chocobon even though it's not included in the promo. Once hubby got into the car and showed me this treat, I instantly dove into it after taking a snapshot. The bread is, as usual, soft with a fresh out of the oven goodness that almost melts in your mouth. It's cinnamon sweetness blends well with the rich chocolate syrup. And of course, a cinnamon roll will never be one without the butter cream lavished on top of the roll. What a great way to start a trip!

We still have a couple of charge slips to spare and we will surely look for the nearest Cinnabon for another set of free drinks and some cinnamon roll treats!

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