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More Than Just Telenovelas, A Korean Treat!

Written By clapalisoc on Sunday 5 June 2011 | 04:40

Reading my blogs, you will find that my hubby and I are always trying out different kinds of food that we've heard of or had never tried. One of the delicacies, if you'd call it as such, that we are very find of would be Korean food. I remember the time when my hubby brought me to this corner house in the back streets and alleys of Makati to eat Ssamgyupsal. I imagined that it was an unknown experience since it did not look anything fancy. Eating it, though, made me re-think the outlook of this simple dish. Since then, we love going back to Min-Sok to eat out and enjoy.

Just yesterday, though, Min-Sok was still closed when we wanted to eat some Ssamgyupsal so we went and looked for a different shop. After walking a couple of blocks, we found ourselves in a place just down the road that said "Korean Restaurant". So we went ahead and tried the food. Inside we found this.

Immediately, my husband wanted to sit down and try the short tables... When I said short, I meant tables with short legs that would force you to sit down like you do back in kindergarten. Oh, and they'd ask you to remove your footwear.

We ordered some Ssamgyupsal and Gimbap. Soup was served with Ssamgyupsal if ordered with rice. The soup itself was served boiling and is tasty. Filled with seafood compliments and spices, its a good match with the rice that is sticky and had round grains.

Now Ssamgyupsal, are pork bacon slices that are cooked in a pan that is usually embedded in a table. the pan that is heated by flame cooks the meat infront of the guests and is considered a treat. 

It is served with lots of side dishes and is eaten by having the cooked pork wrapped in leaves together with the side dishes of preference.

Leaves can be of variety such as lettuce and minty. I prefer the regular lettuce leaf as it is refreshing. You can try different types of leaves depending on the place that serves Ssamgyupsal.

All orders of this Korean dish are given a wide variety of side dishes such as two or three types of Kimchi, some egg, maybe a sweet type of potato salad, bean sprouts, sweet dried fish, sweetened potatoes, sweet breaded cucumbers and even mackarel.

Gimbap or kimbap is a popular Korean dish made from steamed white rice (bap) rolled in gim (sheets of dried layered seaweed). Elder Koreans call it Norimaki which is very much similar to the japanese dish maki. Most gimbap has cucmber, mango, carrots and some meat when served in bite sizes.

We had a really great time! We were happy with our meal and we were beyond full!

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