Crumbs and Cookies

Written By clapalisoc on Sunday 29 May 2011 | 01:54

Everybody loves a good cookie... Just this May, I prepped up my daughter's birthday and decided that my giveaways this year would include some cookies. But not the cookies we take out of a jar, round and embedded with choco chip goodness, these come with the handle.

Cutie kitten on chocolate cookie

My husband thought this was strange, as he'd always have a straight type of cookie. Nonetheless, we went ahead with the plan. I came across Cupcakes Inc., a pastry artisan, to which I found out made custom cookies based on our designs. Nothing new, I employed and went with the transaction. I was surprised at the delightful results of the cookies made by Den (the cookie artisan).
Piggie boink on chocolate cookie
One of my favorites was the pig, but the kitten was cute as well. I asked for the cookies to be made from chocolate and vanilla flavors. As you'd imagine, the cookies have a popsicle handle. The cute toppings were made of sugar and were free hand created. 

Little boo sheep on vanilla cookie

Now for the surprise, biting into one of the cookies that were left as souvenirs for us, I was expecting it to be a hard cookie that I usually buy from different places. But as you bite in, you'd realize that it was actually soft, much like for kids, which was great since you wouldn't worry about spoiling the teeth of little ones for this treat! I was amazed and curious on how the cookie maker was able to preserve the soft batch cookies when it looked whole enough to make me think it was a usual hard cookie. Two thumbs up!
The cutest cow of all on vanilla cookie

Definitely I would be buying some more cookies from her in the near future. If you are looking for a great giveaway idea, cookies by Cupcakes Inc will never fail you. And did I mention that she did a great job with the designs too? Some more to share, the cute little cow. :)

Below are the other cookie designs that I asked Den to make.
Ugly duckling on vanilla cookie
Horsie horse on chocolate cookie

Hunny bunny on chocolate cookie
The gang!
And a box full more of different barnyard animals made of cookies to share and to put a smile in person's face in. 

I also asked Den to design a doggie one but I forgot to take a picture xp. But if in case you spot the chihuahua doogie above, that's the one. :p


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