Kefir, have you?

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:25

Every meal deserves a great dessert. Whether you had a sumptuous meal or were not really satisfied with what you have just eaten. In line with my attempt to shed off some pounds and eat healthy, yogurt has been one of my staple desserts. It's light, cold,delicious and is just right to cleanse your palette.

After having a sumptuous meal at Mediterranean Cafe in Mall of Asia with hubby, we surveyed the mall for some yogurt for dessert. We were trying to look for a yogurt store that we haven't tried before. Looking ahead at the stores lined up, there was this one that caught my attention, Kefroz. The name itself is one of a kind and sounded as if it came from one Arab Nation. As we came closer, I was more intrigued with it's banners saying that it is healthier than yogurt. We we went inside the store to give it a try.

Curious as I am, I asked the store keepers what Kefroz is and found out that it means Frozen Kefir. So the next question was, what is Kefir? Looking around the store, info regarding their product is all around. Even on their tables, they have sheets of papers containing what Kefir is all about. So, the name of the store is Swirls and they serve Kefroz. They said that they are the first to serve Kefroz in the Philippines.

Based on my research, Kefir came from the Arabic word "keyf" which means joy or pleasure. It is also associated with the Turkic word "kopur" which means milk froth or foam. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that originated from the Northern Caucasus. It is just like yogurt but instead of usingLactobacillus for the fermentation to take place, Kefir grains are being used. Kefir grains are a combination of bacteria and yeast in a matrix of proteins, lipids and grains.

They have different nomenclature for their cup sizes. First is Sagheer for their 6oz cup and Kabeerfor their 8oz cup. I ordered a Sagheer for 90 php which is the usual price of yogurt for the same size. They serve the classic Kefroz which is the original flavor and they also have the vanilla flavored one. I got myself the original flavor since I wanted to know how it really tastes like. They also have toppings, like every other yogurt stores, to add into your cup of Kefroz. I went for fresh fruits - strawberry & kiwi for an additional of 20 php. 

The taste is just like your original flavored yogurt, just a little bit more tangy. This is actually not surprising since the process and the main ingredient used, which is milk, for producing yogurt and Kefir is the same. Kefroz in Swrils reminded me of Yoh-Gurt Froz. Almost the same sour tartness with a little sweetness and almost the same texture and creaminess

So, if you ever crave for a healthy dessert treat while you are in Mall of Asia, you might want to try SWIRLS - FROZEN KEFIR. 

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