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Homemade Pannacotta

Written By clapalisoc on Saturday 28 May 2011 | 20:31

Pannacotta is an Italian dessert which means "cooked cream." It is a very simple dessert that goes well with a wide range of toppings like syrups, fruits, chocolates and any other sweet pieces that you like. 

Since Cherienne's party is coming up and there were no other dessert options in RACKS except for pound cake, I decided to just bring in the dessert. I wanted to do away with the usual party dessert like fruit salad, macaroni salad, chocolate fountain, cakes & pastries so I thought of having panna cotta. I tried contacting this stall that we saw in a food bazaar offering pannacotta but after weeks of waiting and trying, I did not get any response. So, searched for pannacotta recipes and was able to find several. With a list of things to buy in one hand and money on the other, I went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. I tried experimenting with several kinds of milk and creams until I found the best one that gave a light finish to my home made pannacotta.

(makes 25 cups)


1L whipping cream
500ml half and half cream
¼ kg. white sugar
2tbsp. vanilla extract
clear, unflavored and unsweetened gelatin
250ml hot water

Ripe mangoes cut into small cubes
Ripe kiwi sliced thinly
Peaches in can cut into small strips
Oreo cookies crushed
Maltesers crushed

How to make
1.       Dissolve gelatin in hot water
2.       Pour 1L of whipping cream into pan and simmer

3.       Add 500ml of half and half cream
4.       Stir in sugar making sure to dissolve completely
5.       Add vanilla extract and bring to boil
6.       Pour in dissolved gelatin in water stirring constantly to make sure that gelatin lumps have dissolved completely
7.       Bring to boil and remove from fire
8.       Pour into small cups making sure to leave some room for the toppings – 110ml clear cups
9.       Leave the cups with pannacotta in room temp. to cool down
10.   Once cooled down, top with prepared treats
11.   Refrigerate and serve cold

my army of cooled down pannacotta

Pannacotta topped with fresh ripe cubed mangoes

Pannacotta topped with thinly sliced kiwi

Pannacotta topped with thinly sliced peaches

Pannacotta topped with crushed Oreo cookies

Pannacotta topped with Malteser

   All of these goodies were served during Cherienne's birthday! Was so glad to hear very very good feedback from most of those who tried them. Now I am thinking of catering these goodies to parties. We'll see. 

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  1. Hi. Racks is also on my list of party venues for son's 1st birthday. How would you rate their party favors and loot bags, if you availed any, or both of these? Thanks!

  2. Hello! I didn't get the loot bags that were optional in the package but bought the bag itself and some of the RACKS branded items from them... check out my other blog entry :



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