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BFF Good Finds

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:27

Best Food Forward food bazaar happened April 2-3, 2011 at the NBC Tent in Fort, BCG. Something like this is definitely worth my time since I'm inclined to finding new food treats that are not usually found in the market. It was a Sunday morning and I came across this event in Facebook while checking out the booth layout of Mercato for that day. I was actually looking for Tea-ology andMochiko. It surprised me to see that Tea-ology was not in the booth layout so visiting their FB site, I found out that they will be at BFF and saw the poster in their site. I also checked Mochiko's FB site and even they will be at BFF. Thinking about Tea-ology, I asked my hubby to go to NBC tent and check out what's there for the bazaar.

NBC tent was full of participants that day - both inside and outside the tent. There were restaurants like Momo and Jap-Ok, tons of pastry and cake booths, those that sell fruit juices for refreshment, those that sell kitchen equipment, condominiums, local delicacies like Longanissa, yogurt, desserts, fried chicken, desserts, Shawarma, etc. 

If you've ever been to Mercato Centrale, I bet you will not find much in the bazaar. Most participants were regulars of Mercato. But there were still a couple of booths that caught my attention.

Kenacotta Booth

Kenacotta offered Macarons, cookies, bars, cookie mix in jars and panna cotta.

Panna Cotta by Kenacotta

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that is made by simmering cream, milk and sugar and then mixing this with gelatin. It is then served with syrups like chocolate and caramel or with fruits like berries. Just the night before, husband actually asked me what Panna Cotta is because he saw it while surfing the net. It was a surprise to see one at the bazaar. This dessert is very light, just right to cleanse your palette after a heavy meal. I've tried fruit toppings and the fruits over powered the taste of the Panna cotta.

Toppings for your Panna Cotta

50Php for a cup with 3 toppings

They have several toppings you can choose from. You can actually choose up to three toppings for your Panna Cotta for free! I got mangoes, strawberries and kiwis for my cup. You can contact them at 09178733031 for orders.

Kashi Maki!

All 8 flavorsin a plate!

Among all the booths with pastries and cakes, this is the most interesting one. Looking at what they offer, it seems as if they sell maki. Upon closer look, you'll discover that they actually sell cakes that were shaped and designed like maki! Box of four is being sold for only 100PHP while a box of eight, which has all the available flavors, is being sold for195PHP. The packaging was good and they even accept bulk orders for party give away.

My empty cup of tea.ology

This is the main reason that made me decide to go to the bazaar. Refreshing and light, perfect thirst quencher at any given time. I am a big lover of tea, especially milk tea thus, this one is a sure hit for me. For only 95PHP,  you'll get a large sized tea. My favorite is Frozen Mint Chocolate Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly and 100% Sweetness. 

So, looking at how things went during our trip to BFF, I can say that it was still worth our time. I'm looking forward to more food bazaar trips on the coming days! yay!

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