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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:25

Mornings usually are great with a nice breakfast. One morning, after shift, my husband went on a whim and asked me out for breakfast. Out of our way, without knowing where we were going, he brought me to Serendra. We went into this resto called Cafe Mary Grace and awaited to be served. 

This place gave off a homely feeling, very warm and welcome. The tables were made of wood that acted as a collage, having notes that talk about Mary Grace, its service and its food. It gave an ambiance similar to being in a Papemelroti store. The lighting was ample and relaxing. And getting breakfast, you only get a couple of choices from the scrapbook looking menu. But this is not just about the store, its the food that I'd like to talk about.

So,to the orders, I took the Chicken Inasal sided with butter and rosemary fried rice and a bit of salsa. The rice itself awoke our taste buds as we ate with the distinct taste of rosemary. The salsa acts as a balancer to avoid having the food become too familiar with you. The chicken was great, savory and flavorful. Juicy and tender, the chicken flavor bursts into your mouth. 

Raymond ordered the the Vigan Longganisa having the same complements as my meal. Tasting the longganisa, it brought back the best of mom's cooking, the saltiness and traditional Vigan longganisa flavor. Its sumptuous meat is just right for a nice breakfast.

We also ordered Smoked Ham & Cheese Omelette to add to our meals. The eggs, mixed with ham that oozes with its smokey taste and cheese that melted within the dish. With our meals partnered with the omelette, it proves to be a hearty morning meal. 

The store staff were friendly and always offered a smile when serving. For drinks, we sampled the different blends of tea that they offered. I had Wild Raspberry Tea. Their tea blends were made from scratch - from brewed tea leaves blended with fruit juices. They had a different tang all together as The Wild Raspberry had a bite at the end.

On the other hand, Raymond tried the Sangria Tea. This tea blend proved to be the sweet grape that is always familiar with wine strains.

For dessert, we had Mango Bene. This one is a refrigerated cake. It's made of several layers of graham cracker topped with cream and mango. The dessert was served rather frozen and you should wait for a couple of minutes to have it thawed. The flavor of the mango blended well with the cream and there is no better way to eat this than cold.

Cafe Mary Grace is a good place to have breakfast, this experience has proven that. I wonder how they are during lunch and dinner. Very soon...

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