Polenta...dream come true!

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:20

I love to watch cooking shows of all sorts - Iron Chef America, Barefoot Contessa, Oliver's Twist, 30 Minute Meals, Martha Stewart, Everyday Italian, Giada de Laurentiis, Sweet Life and lots more. On top of that, I have the habit of buying cook books in glossy paper and with pictures for my viewing and reading pleasure - nothing more. Most times, I dream of cooking my own dishes and baking my own cakes and pastries but when I come to think of it, seriously, I take the thought out of my mind and throw it into one of my future baskets. 

I have encountered Polenta several times while watching cooking shows and I've read some recipes about it too. I've been looking for Polenta in the local market but couldn't find one. By the way, Polenta is also known as boiled cornmeal. It originated in Italy, more ancient than Pasta and Pizzas, and was the staple food of those coming from the poor district of the North. It is first boiled in water and then once it gets to a certain consistency, it can be cooked further and served in several ways. Can be made into pot pies, cup cakes, bed for roasted meat just like how they do it with mashed potato, can be fried into sticks, grilled and many more.

While looking for something to satisfy our hungry bellies this morning in Mercato Centrale, BGC 9th street, we passed by this store selling Polenta! My heart got filled with excitement and can't believe what I just saw! Polenta dishes right in front of me! Wow! It was a very rare chance and it's something I can't pass. So, I got my serving and allowed my taste buds to savor the dish.

Beef and Tomato Polenta Pot Pies
by Global Gourmand
Price: 150 php

Generous beef and tomato filling between two Polenta sheets baked with some herbs, cream and some cheese on top. Delicious piece! I loved the texture of the Polenta, a little coarse just as I have expected, and it blended well with the creaminess of the dish. I was more than satisfied!

Polenta Cupcakes with Parmesan and Feta Cheese
Price: 50 php

The cupcake itself is purely Polenta and was topped with Parmesan and Feta Cheese. Very good find for your 50 bucks

It's not everyday that you'll find Polenta dishes. It's also not a popular dish, specially here in our country. It was definitely a "bigger than life" experience to see and taste something that has long been in your wishlist of "must try before I die cooking show dishes!"

Thank you Mercato Centrale! Thank you Global Gourmand!

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