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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:21

It was a fine morning and I was trying to finish up with my office work when hubby sent me a message, inviting me for a breakfast date. It was the right queue I was waiting for after a long tiring, and productive, day at work. Right after wrapping up with my reports ans emails, I hopped into a cab with only one place in mind - McKinley Hill.

Once I got there, we tried this fast food Korean Resto - K-Bop. Since I wanted some Kimchi and salty grilled pork that time, this space was just the right fit. We ordered and ate but the food was not really something to go back to. Even the ambiance was a fail. Looking for dessert, I thought of having yogurt since. It's the best option to lift my spirits after a disappointing meal. My favorite yogurt store, Yoh-Gurt Froz does not have a branch there. I'm was not in the mood to have some Yo Swirls and Fruit Magic's yogurt doesn't live up my standards. Knowing that some Coffee Bean stores serve yogurt, we tried our luck and checked out their branch in Piazza for some yogurt. CBTL saved the day!

CBTL's Frozen Swirl Caramel Affogato

The yogurt itself was not as creamy and smooth as that of Yoh-Gurt Froz but blended well with the espresso shot and caramel syrup completing the Caramel Affogato flavor. The shot was really a kicker! The hint of sourness will wake you up together with the bitter end note. The caramel syrup was the savior, putting balance to the myriad of flavors. A must try for Caramel Affogato lovers!

CBTL's Lemon Square

I did not realize that I was a fan of lemon squares until I tasted this. Lemon blended with cream and sugar was simply addictive. CBTL's piece was perfect. Probably the best I have ever tasted. It's crust had this buttery crisp to it and the powdered sugar on top added some more drama. The lemon filling was to die for - smooth, soft and a little creamy with a strong lemon flavor - just as I wanted it to be. It's definitely a must try!

When you think of it, Caramel and Lemon Square are not really the perfect dessert combo. Both are sour and will give you sugar overload. Yogurt is best consumed all by itself while lemon square - well, should be better off with coffee. But this combo - this exact odd combo made my day! 

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