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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:26

Do you ever get that child like excitement when you visit a place or do something or even eat something? I usually feel that way whenever I am in a theme park just like the largest that we have here in the Philippines - Enchanted Kingdom. I get all hyped up with the rides, carnival games, the non stop music being played all day long, the performances, parades and most of all the countless food stands and restaurants.

Early this March, Raymond's company gave him complimentary ride all you can tickets with free lunch buffet to EK. We took advantage of the offer and went to Sta. Rosa Laguna as soon as the weekend came. It was the first time of Cherienne in EK and as soon as we got in the theme park, she went running all around making sure to stop and stare when something new to her young eyes popped out.

Since we were with our little girl, we did not get the chance to exploit our ride all you can tickets. We tried some kid friendly rides with Cherienne but did not get the thrill of riding the Space Shuttle orAnchor's Away

In between running around trying to catch up with Cherienne and surveying the place for other activities to do, we get all tired up wanting to sit down and just hang around. We sure had several pit stops to grab some snacks to munch on, drinks to quench or thirst and some other refreshments to quell.

Our first stop: Banana Split. If you have ever been to EK, you sure are familiar with Rialto. Just in front of Rialto is a gift shop that has a bar like store inside that offers refreshments. Here we found this Banana Split. For only 95 PHP, you'll get your usual banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla - between splits of banana. The ice cream used is similar to that ofIce Berg's though serving was a little smaller. It was topped generously with whipped cream, peanuts, chocolate and strawberry syrups. I must say two thumbs up for this!

Our second stop: Ice Monster - located in front of Space Shuttle. The last time that I had a cup of this cold treat was in 2008 in SM San Lorenzo. So when I saw Ice Monster in EK, I got all excited to grab a cup. I know that Ice Monster is not something that can be found in EK alone but you have to admit that there are a few of this store in malls now a days. Unlike when they started in 2003, they can bee seen almost everywhere.

Here we have a regular cup of Double Mix Ice with strawberry and kiwi as toppings for only 115PHP. I usually like fresh fruit toppings since I'm not a fan of preserved or canned fruits. I think what is most special with Ice Monster is the extra fine texture of their ice shavings that blends well with the milk that they use (which I think is just evaporated and condensed milk). 

Our third stop: ChoconanazChoconanaz stands for Chocolate Bananas. You can find this store near Anchor's Away. In this store they offer frozen bananas, watermelons, mangoes and peaches. They have several syrups where these frozen fruits can be dipped and then rolled into their selection of candy sprinkle, peanuts, mallows, choco chips, etc. 

Here we have a large sized banana dipped in choco syrup with candy sprinkles for only50PHP. Though the banana looks solid as a rock when taken out of the freezer, it is actually a very cooperative piece once you take a bite. The coldness of the fruit is refreshing and you will be able to note that the flavor of the fruit is still intact. Banana with chocolate has been a favorite combination so this treat will never fail your taste buds!

After trying Choco banana, we tried this one - frozen watermelon. I actually did not know in which syrup to dip this fruit since I like it just as it is but the seller suggested for me to try green apple. So I gave it a shot. Here is my frozen watermelon dipped in green apple syrup with candy sprinkles for only 40PHP. This one is a good catch! The flavor of the watermelon stood proud even with the green apple syrup but they are a good combination though.

Next time that we will set foot in EK, we will surely frozen mangoes and peaches. So, if you ever go there and get tired, try to look for these sweet finds and I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as we did!

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