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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:27

It was a lazy weekend and while I was browsing the internet for some good food finds, I came across this article about the top chefs of the world, what they have contributed and the restaurants that they have opened. Looking at the list, a couple of familiar names came up, thanks to my interest in food channels and cooking shows, and one of them is Wolfgang Puck. I learned from this read that Wolfgang Puck was the one who popularized California Pizza Style. Several restaurants franchised this style including California Pizza Kitchen - CPK. I got excited with this knowing that CPK Restaurants can be found all over the Metro. 

So as soon as hubby woke up, I asked him to take us on a date to CPK in Glorietta. CPK Glorietta is an awesome place to dine. The place is really spacious with very accommodating staff. It was my first time to try CPK so it took me a while to choose from their menu. Finally we tried out the following dishes:

Thai Chicken Satay for only 135PHP. Grilled chicken breasts on skewers marinated with ginger, lemon, ground peanuts and pepper. This dish is garnished with cilantro and ground peanuts and served with a Thai Peanut Sauce as the dip. This one is a hit! Chicken is tender and you can really taste the citrus flavor of the marinade. The Thai Peanut Sauce is the perfect combo - thick, rich in peanut flavor with a hint of chili. Just right to start the dining experience.

Potato Leek Soup for only 145PHP a cup.  Puree of potatoes and leek with cream. The soup is not too creamy but has a full flavor of the potatoes and leek. Leek, by the way, is a vegetable that is the relative of our dear garlic and onion. This is Cherienne's soup.Cherienne enjoyed this piece!

Pesto Cream Penne for only 355PHP - good for sharing. Penne Pasta with Basil Pine Nut Cream Sauce. It can go with shrimp or chicken. It is topped with sun dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. I am a big pesto lover but recently, I've been more inclined to oil based ones. I was a bit hesitant to try this dish since it is cream based but since it's still pesto and it's my first time to try CPK, I gave it a go. The dish was not disappointing at all. The cream was just right, not too much as when you have Carbonara. Pesto taste was not too strong but was complimented by the sun dried tomatoes that gave each bite a little sour finish. We chose chicken to go with the pasta.

Cheeseburger Pizza for only 445PHP. Hearth-baked pizza with Ground Angus beef, caramelized sweet onions, Mozzarella and American cheeses topped fresh Roma tomatoes, chilled lettuce and sauce. This one is the best ever pizza that I've had in my entire life - aside from Brooklyn's White Pizza. It deals away with the usual tomato based pizza which I've lost interest already. It's base is cheese that goes really well with the flavorful Angus beef. Eating this pizza is like eating tacos at the same time mainly because of the generous slices of fresh tomatoes, lettuce and their special sauce that is Mayonnaise based that serve as the toppings. Truly a lip smacking pizza dish!

CPK's menu has a lot more to offer. I will surely go back to this place and try other stuff just like their famous Original BBQ Chicken Pizza and Thai Chicken Pizza.

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