K-Bop, thumbs down

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 3 May 2011 | 23:22

So... You know how you go about trying different stuff randomly from time to time? I met my husband for breakfast this one time and we were walking around wondering what to eat. He noticed that there was this new shop that opened round the bend, up top, just after Carlo's P. Figuring we were fans of Korean dishes, he immediately suggested that we try it out.

There we were, standing in front of the cash register of a QFS Korean shop that didn't really look anything we expected, confused in ordering from the limited number of dishes we were to choose from. What's worse was, it didn't match the look of the dishes we've tried elsewhere with the same nomenclature. Oh, well, what the heck... We ordered anyway.

Ever seen a Bibimbap? This is what it usually looks like.

This is what I had.

Bibimbap for 105php
Not quite what I had in mind. 

The same would go for our favo K-dish, the Samgyupsal, to which we were expecting a generous serving of sumptuous meat that we would cook at the table or at least be cooked for us, much like thick bacon strips only you usually wrap them in veggies with lots and lots of side dishes. To our dismay, it was served like this.

Samgyeopsal for 95php
Notice how it looks almost the same from the Bibimbap? We found it strange but put our doubts to the wall first, saying it was quick food service not your standard K-shop where everything was conventional. Then we tried it out...

It was no surprise that the taste from my Bibimbap to my husband's Samgyupsal was no different, only that the egg was an add-on. This will be the last time I will probably sample out from this store as it poorly faced my expectations. Realistically, fast food will never compare to real cooking, just the same as the cost will always be different. Even the side dishes were not as our tongues had savored, having the Kim-chi or the veggies that you will normally eat in a authentic Korean resto. 

It was also not a plus to hear employees being scolded by their manager when customers are dining.

The Kim-chi was an ex-mark when all it tasted was more of the common chili we call Labuyo instead of the processed vegetable that we taste with some tang and spice, along with that funny smell in the end.

We didn't appreciate at all the familiar look that it presented because the taste was far from what we had. My husband was joking, saying that the only dish he liked in the establishment, was the nuts served as appetizers, to which he said it was "Sugo" a common set of legumes usually bought for 1 or 2 pesos per pack, served during drinking sessions.

This, I would say, was one of our lesser choices of stores we've visited, and will not go into our books for recommendations. Boo. Sadly, K-Bop is thumbs down for us.

---K-Bop: 2/F The Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill Rd, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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