The Search for Dutchkins!

Written By clapalisoc on Saturday 11 June 2011 | 13:02

While I was checking out our awesome planet for some good food finds, I came across this blog about Dutchkins. I read through the page to find out what they were and learned that they are actually little pancakes. Being the pancake lover that I am, always seeking for pancakes that are light and soft, I instantly checked where these little babies can be bought. Van Marley's is the name of the place located in Xavierville, Quezon City. I tried to ask for directions on how to get there and luckily, one friend has already been there. All the way from Paranaque, we decided to go to Quezon City and hunt for Van Marley's.

We got there at around 9PM and we saw right away that parking is a challenge. The store is along the main road of Xavierville Ave. and is an extension of a house. From outside, you can see that the store space is really small. A stretch of the store's wall has a built-in cushioned chair with tables lined up. The other side of the store had a big picture of Amsterdam with a stretch of a counter-type table and some bar seats

Outside the store - you can see the entire space inside! Look at where we parked our vehicle!
Bench right outside the glass window
View of the space inside coming from the door
Another shot showing the entire space, from wall to wall
Here is a shot taken from where my hubby was seated on the pics above, showing the door and the glass window
Some of the Dutch inspired decorations inside the store

The menu doesn't include much. It has a Dutch theme of finger food (which they call Munchies) that can pass as simple meals (since they also serve rice, ala carte), German sausages, variety of potato sides (categorized as Fillers), bonbons, dips, drinks (read as Swigs in their menu) that includes milkshakes and assorted beer and ofcourse, my Dutchkins.

For their Munchies, we ordered the following:

Drunk Dori - 135 php
Crunchy beer battered dori fish with melted cheese filling, you wouldn't notice that you are actually eating fish. This one appealed to my palette. 

Kroket - 135 php
This one was hubby's good find for the night. Breaded meat ragout that was deep-fried and is a little bit spicy and definitely crunchy.

For Fillers, we got the following:

Twisted Fries , small - 45 php
The serving was actually underwhelming for it's price. This is just like your Mc Donald's twister fries with ketchup served in a shot glass.

Van Marley's Rice - 30 php
This rice is worth trying. Hubby got himself two orders of this. Yellow colored rice that is starchy and full of flavor - with a little serving of herbs.

The most exciting part of all are the Dutchkins. These are fluffy Dutch Pancakes with different toppings, covered with powdered sugar - a winter wonderland finish. The baby pancakes were so soft and light that I ended up eating a whole plate. :) We tried two varieties.

Nutella and Praline Sauce - 130php (14 little pieces)
Since the pancakes were not sweet at all, the combination of the Nutella and Praline sauce gave just the right sweetness to each bite of these babies. I had to fight with hubby and Cherienne for these but still emerged as the winner. :p

Whipped Berry Mix Cream Cheese - 125 php
I'm guessing that they have blended blueberries and strawberries in this batch. This is mainly because the color is a giveaway and the strawberry seeds were evident. Combining the berries with cream cheese is actually a good idea because the final product is a hit - just the right sourness and sweetness with a hint of creaminess.

I wish they have a sampler for their Dutchinks so people can try all varieties of toppings in just one order. I would definitely try their Whipped Lemon Cream Cheese Dutchkins next time and a couple of other toppings that were recently added to their Dutchkin Menu. And oh, did I tell you that they can also add a scoop of ice cream to their Dutchkins? You just have to add 12php for that. Would try that as well next time.

Van Marley's - 10A Xavierville Ave., Quezon City
Overall, Van Marley's is a nice place to lounge at while having a light meal and sumptuous dessert after. It's not at all a fancy resto - its plain and simple, but the food is something to make one go back again and again. Also, it's not a crowded place since we were the only customers when we dined in and I'm guessing that the place doesn't really get jam-packed at any given time. It's a surefire hole-in-the-wall type of resto with very good foodie finds. 


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