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Concorde by Sugarhouse

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 23 June 2011 | 21:37

Specialty cakes are all over. Gone were the days when people were contented with ordinary round or square cakes covered with royal or butter icings. Today, it's more than just that. The more unique the cake is, the better.  Another thing that you'll notice is the quality of specialty cakes - intact and never compromised despite the stunning designs. The possibilities are now endless and people do not seem to put a limit on whatever their creative minds can conceive.

One "unusual" looking cake is Sugarhouse's Concorde. It's not at all covered by icing. It's covered with "Barquillos" looking sticks, with uneven length, both on the side and on top of the cake. A thin, clear plastic is wrapped around the cake to ensure that the sticks are in place. One bite of the sticks will reveal what they were made of. Not your usual "Borquillos", these sticks were actually meringue - plainly made of sugar.

The cake inside the army of stick meringue is chiffon. Not chocolate, just plain vanilla. It's soft and moist and not at all sweet. The stick meringues actually give the cake its sweetness. To add a little more beauty to this unusual piece, it's finished off with dashes of powdered sugar.

Next time you'll pass by Sugarhouse, try this cake - Concorde. They have three sizes that you can choose from - Baby for 130 php, Petite for 280 php and 8" for 680 php.

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