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Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 8 June 2011 | 05:23

Iced tea has always been a popular drinks among Filipinos. In every single restaurant or fast food chain, iced tea is being served. Other than iced tea, some restaurants especially Chinese ones, usually serve Naicha or milk tea. I am a big fan of Chowking's Naichai even though most would not agree that it's delectable. I never pass a chance of getting one when we drop by the store.

Tea.ology booth in Mercato Centrale

Late last year, I was introduced to Mercato by a colleague. While taking the time in checking out the stalls, we passed by Tea.ology. Being a big milk tea fan, I checked out their menu right away and got myself a large cup of Frosted Mint Chocolate Milk Tea. I have no idea of how their teas taste like but nonetheless, I gave it a try. The girl who is in charge of the stall is very friendly and accommodating. Since I was a first timer, she explained to me the different level of sweetness that they can add to your tea. She suggested a couple of combinations depending on what kind of taste I would like to achieve. They also have several options for add ons like pearls or crystals or pudding or coffee jelly. After some exchange of words I got myself a large Frosted Mint Chocolate Milk Tea with 100% sweetness and with coffee jelly. Another good thing is that you can ask them to add more syrup if in case the sweetness is still not enough.

My empty cup of Frosted Mint Chocolate Milk Tea

Taking a sip of the drink, I found it to be refreshing and relaxing. It is definitely a breakthrough from the usual Naichai. The taste of the freshly brewed tea was not too strong as its proportion with the chocolate and milk was just right. I was an instant fan! Every weekend, I would check out the layout of Mercato to see if Tea.ology is there!

Tea.ology is located in Tomas Morato and unfortunately, they do not have any other branches. I always hunt for Tea.ology in food bazaars near my place hoping to have a sip once again.

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