Freezer Burn - New Flavors, New Dessert Size!

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Freezer Burn is one ice cream heaven! It has some of the most unique ice cream flavors in the Metro. Mayo and Ketchup, Junk Food, Maple and Bacon? Take your pick! Aside from offering scoop/s of ice cream, they also have "composed desserts" that combine cold and hot elements - cold ice cream x hot food - living up to the name FREEZER BURN.

Milkshake from Freezer Burn
Corn and Cheese Ice Cream turned into a gorgeous milkshake!

Coming here for dessert, you should be prepared to eat some more. Their Composed Desserts are good for sharing so if you wanna try more than one, you need to prepare your tummies and your pockets. Good thing Freezer Burn thought of coming up with smaller sizes! Solo Size for their composed desserts and Small Scoop if you want just the ice cream goodness.

Freezer Burn Dessert sizes
Regular vs. Solo

The Solo Size is perfect for your cheat day, if you're flying solo or if you wanna try more than one at a time. It's priced at 225Php vs. the regular size that's pegged at 295Php. It has a small scoop of ice cream and a smaller portion of the "hot" sides. Got the chance to try their new flavors in solo sizes through an invite - Freezer Burn x looloo!

Launched early September, these three new flavors will leave the shelves mid November to give way to their Christmas Flavors. Ube, Tonka Beans and Coconut, each one had it's own charm.

The Good Shepherd: Baguio Ube with White Straciatella + Warm Cheese Muffins

The Good Shepherd from Freezer Burn

The Ube flavored ice cream was mixed with white Straciatella and served with warm cheese muffins. If you're thinking Ube + Good Shepherd = Baguio famous purple pasalubong, then, you got it right! They use nothing but Good Shepherd's Purple Yam which is undeniably one of the best in the market. The result? A rich and thick ice cream with all the great flavors of the original locked in. It was rather sweet though and if you'll ask me, I still prefer the original, scooped out of the bottle. 

Baguio Ube with White Straciatella with Warm Cheese Muffins

Don't get me wrong, this ice cream will satisfy the ube lover in you, I just found it a little heavy in my palette. The cheese muffins were like those mini colorful "puto" that you usually get from Goldilocks but these were the leveled up version. Warm, soft and packed with cheesy goodness, I kinda wished these were available for take home lol

Goin' Bananas: Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream + Banana Tart Turon

Goin' Bananas from Freezer Burn

This came in as my surprise favorite. I didn't have any idea of what Tonka Bean was until I searched Google. Found out that it's being used as a substitute for Vanilla. Not only that, I found out as well that when consumed in higher quantities, it can cause serious health problems thus it's use is being regulated in some countries. Interesting. Now, back to Freezer Burn's ice cream flavor, there was a certain lightness to it - a hint of banana plus this refreshing flavor that's probably coming from the Tonka Beans. 

Banana Leaf and Tonka Bean Ice Cream with Banana Tart Turon

It delighted my taste buds and it felt like a breeze of fresh air under the summer sun! lol Seriously, it was that refreshing! This scoop was paired with equally good "Banana Tart Turon" which was more like a deconstructed turon. The turon wrapper was made into these little rectangles, deep fried, crisp, light and then topped with small banana slices that have been drizzled with caramelized sugar syrup. Everything went so well together!

What's Up Coconut: Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream + Calamansi Curd Ensaymada

What's Up Coconut from Freezer Burn

I love anything coconut! It instantly gives me this summer pick-me upper feeling when gloomy days arise. The Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream had a subtle coconut flavor, some nutty notes and some texture from the toasted coconut strips that it was topped with. I loved this one too! 

Burnt Coconut Husk Ice Cream with Calamansi Curd Ensaymada

The Ensaymada was soft and warm but the calamansi curd was a little too sour and sweet for me. Not really a perfect match, I must say.

Milkshake from Freezer Burn
Best Mint Straciatella Ice Cream turned into a milkshake!

They also offer milkshakes pegged at 250Php. You can choose whichever ice cream flavor you want and they'll whip it up for you! Thick and creamy, adorned with a cotton candy cloud, I'm sure there's a generous heaping of ice cream in each cup!

We definitely got some sugar rush from this visit but I'm not complaining at all. If you fancy premium ice cream and desserts, Freezer Burn is the right place for you. Grab a chair and indulge the sweet tooth in you! Kids will surely love this place too.

4 out of 5 Stars for Freezer Burn!

--- Freezer Burn: Ground Floor, Q3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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