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Night life, loud music and crazy party scenes have escaped the best of me for years now. I cringe when I hear loud music - that of the techno and house type - that used to get me all excited when I was younger. I learned to appreciate more relaxed and chill places when the need to unwind with the husband or a couple of friends visits me. Night clubs and loud bars? No thank you. I tend to go somewhere a little more peaceful now-a-days, places where I can enjoy cocktails, good music and good conversations.

Pablo's Pub and Restaurant, BGC
Pablo's Pub and Restaurant, BGC

Pablo's Pub and Restaurant is one place that I have been wanting to visit. I usually check it out whenever we visit Cafe Seol Hwa for dessert on Saturday nights. The place is always packed, with mostly young professionals as it's clientele. I have been planning to visit with the husband but we never really had the chance to. So, when I got an invite for a sponsored dinner, I immediately said yes! Pablo's Pub and Restaurant x Zomato? Let's go!

Jameson and Coke
Jameson Irish Whiskey x Coke

Went there a little over 5PM and we were greeted by one of the owners - Javier. Pablo's Pub has this Mafia HQ feel once you get inside. The place was splashed with black paint, with some warm colors coming from the wooden tables. TV sets, chandeliers and a hidden function room are some of the other things that you can see inside. Taking inspiration from Pablo Escobar, Pablo's Pub and Restaurant screams bad-ass elegance. 

Cranberry Juice from Pablo's Pub and Restaurant

To kick off the night, we started with a glass of cranberry juice. Nothing really fancy, just plain cranberry juice as we played the waiting game. 

Once everyone expected has arrived, they started serving the food.

Menu of Pablo's Pub and Restaurant

Javier told us that they revamped their menu. They trimmed down the selection to their best-sellers. Appetizers, mains and dessert - a little over ten dishes in total. 

Paprika Fries from Pablo's Pub and Restaurant
Paprika Fries for 160Php

Paprika Fries landed into our table first. The usual bar fries would mean greasy sticks but since they coated these babies with Paprika, the greasiness wasn't as much. Skin-on fries that still retained their crunch even after taking some snaps, these fries were good  starters. By the way, you can add 100Php if you want your fries with truffle oil.

Spicy Chicken Tenders from Pablo's Pub and Restaurant
Spicy Chicken Tenders for 250Php

We also got to try their Spicy Chicken Tenders. Tender chicken bites coated in a thick and heavy sauce made up of paprika and cayenne pepper, the sauce came in too strong for me. It has the tendency to get cloying but if you wanna breakaway from that flavor, you can dunk the chicken into the sour cream with heavy cream dip. 

Chicharon Bulaklak from Pablo's Pub and Restaurant
Chicharon Bulaklak for 230Php

Classic bar chow! How can you go wrong with this cholesterol rich, super yummy finger food? According to their head chef, Chef Mario, they have their own mix of seasoning that makes their version of this bar chow favorite even more sinful. I must admit that this is the best version of Chicharong Bulaklak that I've had so far! Crunchy, salty with hints of black pepper, as usual, this is best when dipped into a spicy vinegar mix!

Pablo's Cheese Burger
Pablo's Cheese Burger for 190Php

For the main event, Javier had us try their best seller since day 1! Pablo's Cheeseburger! Sandwiched in a buttered then toasted brioche bun was a quarter pound of pure beef patty. Cooked medium well, the beef patty was tasty but lacked the juiciness that I was looking for - maybe because it was too thin. Nonetheless, I liked the taste of butter in the soft bun, the mild cheddar cheese that this came with, the crisp lettuce and the fresh tomato slices. Not the best in the market but definitely a bang for your buck at 190Php!

Bar chows from Pablo's Pub and Restaurant
Bar chows x Jameson!

Overall, it was a good experience. Nothing too fancy or extra ordinary with the food, but forgivable since these are bar chows, best paired with beer, cocktails or some other alcoholic drinks. 


Pablo's Pub and Restaurant Happy Hour Menu

P.S. Pablo's Pub and Restaurant will be having it's ANNIVERSARY WEEK and they'll be offering the following deals from OCTOBER 10-13 ---

> 2 Cheeseburgers for 299Php ONLY (regular price: 190Php each)
> 2 Double Cheeseburgers for 549Php ONLY (regular price: 290Php each)

3 out of 5 Stars for Pablo's Pub and Restaurant!

--- Pablo's Pub and Restaurant: The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive, BGC, Taguig City

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