Milk Trade - Steamed Milk and Waffles!

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The first time I saw Milk Trade in Hole in The Wall, I knew needed to try it. I've been attracted to and have been liking eggettes that have been sprouting like mushrooms in our market lately. Being one of the popular street food in HK, these HK Style Waffles are pretty good canvass for sweet or savory sides and toppings.

Milk Trade Hole in the Wall

Milk Trade is a humble store sitting beside Green Cheese

Milk Trade

From the same brains behind Le Petit SoufflĂ©, the concept was very simple - steamed milk and HK Style Waffles or Eggettes, that's it!

Milk Trade Hole in the Wall

We've tried a couple of combinations during our numerous visits since my children love munching on these.

Chocolate Steamed Milk
Chilled Chocolate Steamed Milk + Plain Eggette for 150Php

The eggette was served warm - crispy outside, pillowy soft inside. The chilled chocolate steamed milk was smooth and was like a custard but a little more firmer but was very soft. It wasn't super chocolatey but had the right sweetness. Nothing so special but my kids loved this. They loved dipping and even soaking each eggette bubble into the steamed milk.

Chilled Yolk Steamed Milk + Matcha Eggette from Milk Trade
Chilled Yolk Steamed Milk + Matcha Eggette for 150Php

We also got to try the Matcha Waffle. Paired this with a Chilled Yolk Steamed Milk which I liked better than the chocolate flavored one. It was flan like since they added egg yolks into the milk, soft and very smooth! It kinda reminded me of the custard in an egg tart too. 

Matcha Waffle, Chilled Yolk Stemed Milk from Milk Trade
Chilled Yolk Steamed Milk with Matcha Waffle

Now onto the Matcha Waffle, if you've tried anything matcha from Le Petit Souffle and/or Scout's Honor, you'll get the same type of Matcha here. The Matcha wasn't the super bitter and grassy type. It was more flowery and mild but nonetheless, still great! Same waffle quality - crisp outside and soft inside. We also tried pairing this with Chilled Chocolate Steamed Milk and they also went perfectly together!

Chilled Yolk Steamed Milk + Black Sesame Eggette from Milk Trade
Chilled Yolk Steamed Milk + Black Sesame Eggette for 150Php

Then there was Black Sesame. One popular ingredient that proved to be oddly delicious! Ice cream, cake, bread, custard and now, waffle! The Eggette had a nice crunch from the outside but it was soft and warm inside. It had black sesame flecks but didn't taste like black sesame at all. 

Black Sesame Waffle

Maybe they should add more black sesame into their waffle batter.

HK Milk Tea from Milk Trade
HK Milk Tea for 100Php

The HK Milk Tea was just okay. For a small glass of brewed tea with milk and ice - nothing special.

Milk Trade Hole in the Wall
Goh Lah Kee Trading!

Not so thrilled to try their Plain Steamed Milk but I'll go back for the new item in their menu that has mangoes in it. I'm also hoping that they'll add more waffle flavors as well as steamed milk variants!

4 out of 5 Stars for Milk Trade!

--- Milk Trade: 4/F Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati City

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