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I missed Krazy Garlik so much!!! Even before the food scene became so diverse, my small family have been frequent diners of Krazy Garlik - mostly in ATC and New Port Mall. I swear by their Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad, husband loves their Grilled Pork Chops while my daughter can finish up two orders of their Mac & Cheese for kids. When the foodie scene exploded, we kinda drifted away from the restaurants of The Bistro Group, including Krazy Garlik. That's why a call for a rendezvoos here was an instant YES! Krazy Garlik x looloo? It's gonna be a feast!

Desserts from Krazy Garlik
A trio of desserts!

I know for a fact that Krazy Garlik changes some items in their menu occasionally and I kinda liked that since regulars always have something new to try. This sponsored dinner was all about their new dishes inspired by Classic Filipino favorites that have been given some modern twists. Honestly, I was excited for this dinner.

Starters: Salad and Spinach Bites

Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad
Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad for 325Php/525Php

We started off with my love - Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad. It was as good as I remembered it to be. The dressing gave the stand out flavor - nutty with some citrus kick, it had a good contrast of sweet and salty. The greens were crisp and the fried wanton strips added texture to this salad and the chicken strips were tender.

Creamy Spinach Bites from Krazy Garlik
Creamy Spinach Bites for 245Php

It was my first time to try these little bites and I fell in love at once. They're delicious and uniquely plated, served inside a wooden box! These are crunchy deep fried wanton wrapper stuffed with a mixture of cream and cheese and spinach. Gah! Do not miss this when in Krazy Garlik!

After teasing us with these two starters, they started serving the mains! Let me start off with the rice --

Smoked Fish Fried Rice from Krazy Garlik
Smoked Fish Fried Rice for 225Php/365Php

Fried rice with lots of garlic, strips of smoked fish, fried egg, shrimps and veggies. I liked the strong garlic kick and the saltiness from the smoked fish. 

Hara Kiri Rice from Krazy Garlik
Hara Kiri Rice for 285Php/425Php

If you love all things spicy, then, this rice is highly recommended! Garlic, chopped shrimps, bacon, crab roe and lots of chili in this sticky yummy rice! The flavors were bold and will tickle your taste buds. I wish I had high tolerance for spicy food because I would love to eat a lot of this. Honestly, it can be eaten by itself, no need for viand!

Then we had the following mains ---

Ilocaloco from Krazy Garlik
Ilocaloco for 325Php

This is Krazy Garlik's take on a classic Filipino favorite - Pinakbet! Mixed veggies and shrimps simmered with shrimp paste, topped with chicharon bits and fried garlic slices. I loved the strong taste of bagoong that went well with the garlic. The veggies were cooked just right. If you're craving for this dish, this version will not disappoint!

El Callos Capitan from Krazy Garlik
El Callos Capitan for 395Php

This is Krazy Garlik's version of the classic Spanish Callos. Callos is basically an ox tripe stew. There is danger when including ox tripe into any dish because it tends to have a funky smell and taste when it's not properly cleaned. Krazy Garlik's version didn't have any nightmare taste or smell in it! The ox tripe squares were perfectly soft and tasty! Basking in a rich tomato base sauce with paprika, the dish had generous heaping of chickpeas, cheese on top and some olives. 

Pumpkin a la Bagnet from Krazy Garlik
Pumpkin a la Bagnet for 395Php

A thick and rich puree of pumpkin served as the bed of perfectly crispy pork belly, sauteed shrimps, perfectly crisp french beans, juicy cherry tomatoes and garlic slices. I loved the flavor from the puree that went well with the veggies and surprisingly, even with the pork belly!

Super Dapper Sinigang from Krazy Garlik
Super Dapper Sinigang for 545Php

This is not your ordinary salmon head Sinigang. It's a leveled up sort of version in an unforgettable sour soup! The soup was so tasty with a deep sourness that's not from your usual powdered mix. It has this deep tamarind flavor that warms the soul. The fermented soybean paste added flavor broth gave it that signature saltiness that I loved.

Creamy Beef Rendang from Krazy Garlik
Creamy Beef Rendang for 475Php

If there was one dish that stood out and would go back for, it's definitely this! A nice take on Beef Rendang, this version had more cream in it than usual. Tender beef cubes, rich and creamy coconut cream broth and that much needed spicy kick makes this dish knock out good! Best paired with plain rice, you can also opt to enjoy this with the pita bread it was served with.

Adobo Loco from Krazy Garlik
Adobo Loco for 495Php

Krazy Garlik Classic Favorite, the tender meat, the rich sauce, the nice garlic flavor - something that you should not miss!

For dessert, we had the following ---

Hola Crema Catalan from Krazy Garlik
Hola Crema Catalan for 150Php

My favorite Krazy Garlik dessert! Creme Brulee that has the right sweetness, creamy and thick, torched sugar on top and some roasted candied garlic! Make sure to try the candied garlic with the brulee.

Baked Alaska from Krazy Garlik
Baked Alaska for 195Php

This is more like your ice cream cake. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate sponge cake, covered with soft meringue with some parts that have been torched, make sure to let this dessert thaw for a while coz it's served frozen!

Krazy Oreo Frito from Krazy Garlik
Krazy Oreo Frito for 150Php

Your usual fried Oreos, this version is served with vanilla and strawberry ice cream scoops, and a wafer stick. Can't go wrong with fried Oreos.

Overall, the dishes served were delicious. Personally, there is no single dish that I can rate below 4 stars. Each one was carefully though of, nice twists to classic favorites and good flavors. Price points were not over the top too!

4 out of 5 Stars for Krazy Garlik!

-- Krazy Garlik: 2/F Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St., Ayala Center, Makati City

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